Albion Online Commands – Updated 2022

A world where everyone decides what they want to be. But it never hurts to have some extra help. It is for this reason that today we bring you all the Albion Online commands .

With them you can fully enjoy the incredible stories that this great video game brings. Although it is worth consulting some of the guides, such as Albion Online PvP builds, for example.

How do I use Albion Online commands?

The truth is that it is not complex to use the Albion Online commands . If you still don’t believe us, let us tell you about it below.

To activate these commands, all you have to do is open the game’s chat window and type them.

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Albion Online commands

Here are the Albion Online commands .

Albion Online Commands: Guild

/ g, / guild

  • Activate it if you need to speak on your guild’s chat channel.

/ a, / alliance

  • To speak in the chat channel of your Alliance you must enable this command.

/ f, / faction

  • Activate to speak in your current Faction’s chat channel.

/ recruit, / rec

  • Enable to chat in the Guild Recruitment chat channel.

/ createguild

  • If you don’t have a guild, you will create one.
  • If you are a member, it will open its dialog box.

/ gquit, / gleave, / guildquit

  • You will leave your guild.

/ invite [player_name]

  • Invite a player to your guild.

/ kick [player_name]

  • Kick a player from the guild.

/ showmotd

  • It will show you the daily guild message.

/ setmotd [message]

  • Create a message to the guild.

/ deletemotd, / clearmotd

  • Delete the daily guild message.

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Albion Online Commands: Social

/ s, / say

You will be able to talk to the players close to your character.

/ l, / local, / area

When activated, it is transmitted to the entire cluster in which it is located.

/ p, / party

  • Activate squad chat.

/ o, / global, / all

  • You will send a message through the global channel.

/ trade, / tr

  • You will send a message through the trade channel.

/ lfg, / lookingforgroup

  • You will speak through the channel of the group you are in.

/ e, / emote

  • You will show thoughts and emotions to nearby players.

/ w, / whisper, / t, / tell [player_name]

  • To send a private message to the designated player you must enable this command.

/ r, / reply

  • It will show you the reply of the last private message.

/ friend [player_name]

  • You add a player to your friends list.

/ mute [player_name]

  • Allows you to mute a player.

Note: You have a maximum of 150 people.

/ unmute [player_name]

  • Enable it to gin the designated player.

/ showmuted

  • You will see a list of the players you have muted.

/ duel [player_name]

  • You will start a duel with the selected player.

/ acceptduel

  • You accept an invitation to a duel.

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Comandos of Albion Online: Specials

/ stuck

  • You will appear in a safe zone.

Note: It only works once a day.

/ suicide

  • You will commit suicide and lose all your items. The advantage is that it will allow you to get to the nearest city faster.

Albion Online Commands: Claims

/ report [player_name] [reason]

  • Generate a complaint on a player for misconduct.

/ ticket [message]

  • Will create a ticket for administrators.

/ bug, #bug [message]

  • An error report will be created including your name, location, and explanation.

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Interface Commands

/ fps

  • Enable or disable the fps monitor.

/ ping

  • Enable or disable the Ping monitor.

/ resetchat

  • Restores the position and size of the chat to its original version.

/ icons

  • It will show you a list with all the icons of the game.

/ wiki

  • Used to open the game Wiki.

/ info, /?

  • Each chat line will be listed.

/ rules

  • You will be able to see the chat rules of Albion Online .

/ help, / h

  • By activating it, you can chat in the help chat channel.

Is there anything else I should know about these commands?

Now that you know all the Albion Online commands , give us a chance to recall some details that we missed. We start by saying that in some cases of the guild commands, you will need to have special permissions as an official of it to be able to use them .

If you don’t count and activate the command, don’t worry, nothing will happen. As you will see, the Albion Online commands are quite safe and will allow you to enjoy this great game to the fullest.



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