Koikatsu Cards – How to Download & Install

If you want to enjoy some of the thousands of Koikatsu Cards that exist for Koikatsu Party, here we will leave you all the information you need.

Download Koikatsu Cards

We recommend downloading your new cards from the following sites:

To find what you want, just enter in the search box the word Koikatsu and look in the results. There are tons of cards for you!

How to install in Koikatsu Party

  1. Copy the image from the card that you want
  2. Open the folder UserData/Chara/Female or Male Folders
  3. Paste the image in the folder

If the card has specific instructions, please follow this. Here you have a video that can helps you.

About Koikatsu Party

Koikatsu Party is a 2D simulator in which players can unleash their imagination and create the 2D girl of their dreams. The game is available on Steam and has a fairly positive rating among its players.

In HDGamers we already teach you how to remove the censorship, which will give a special touch to your gameplay.

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