Summertime Saga Password – Jenny Computer & TV Pink Channel

Summertime Saga is a choice-based simulation game. The game contains 65 dynamic characters, 30 explorable places, and many choices. The game’s finale depends on the player’s decisions. Jenny’s path is one of the game’s routes. In Summertime Saga, Jenny’s laptop password is needed to work successfully

Jenny Computer

Password: Bad Monster

We need to find the password for Jenny’s laptop. If you don’t know how to use the laptop, you can look at Jenny’s (sister’s) Walkthrough. Keep on going until you give her the first toy from pink and perform the following steps:

  • Wait two days, and Jenny and Debbie will be talking in the kitchen. The answer is up to you.
  • The next day, meet Jenny at the entrance, go to the mall with her, and buy the blue and white dildo.
  • The next day, read Jenny’s journal and check her laptop while she’s in the shower (password: Bad Monster)

TV Pink Channel

Channel: L6bv12R

Password: 12345

If you don’t know where to use Jenny’s (sister) Walkthrough, it’s one of the last steps of the walkthrough. However, if you have already used the computer password, you are almost there. So, work your way up to being able to use the telescope in the morning and perform the following:

  • Wait till the afternoon and go to her bedroom, then head towards Cosmic Comics (mall) and look for the Pink Cyclone mask replica. Return to Jenny’s room.
  • The next day (afternoon), go to Jenny’s room, and the day after that, meet Jenny in the dining room in the morning.
  • Find Jenny in the living room two days later, in the evening. Enjoy the scene, and you’ve also unlocked the Pink Channel on the television (user: L6BV12R, pass: 12345)



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