How to make a Loom in Terraria | Short Guide

In this guide you will discover how to craft a Loom in Terraria, along with all the necessary materials.

How to make a Loom in terraria

With the loom we can work many soft materials that are not capable of handling other devices, that is where it comes to play a very important role in our performance.

First, the materials that are required to make a loom are 2:

  1. The wood: it is required to have 12 pieces
  2. The sawmill: this is the main one for crafts, without it we cannot create a tool like the loom for processing cloth.

With this we can have the loom and be able to create many fabric things, then you need to know that it is important the planning of the materials that are available to use more effectively for the different confrontations that will be presented to us.

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