Mega Fun Obby Codes – Complete List

In the discussion on the historical basis of video games , platform players cannot go under the table. That is why over the years tributes are paid with increasingly challenging games. In our desire to help you enjoy, we bring you the Mega Fun Obby codes to survive the platforms.

Valid and active Mega Fun Obby codes

Something curious about mega fun obby codes is that they will depend on the version of the game you are on. In this sense, and to give you a much more complete guide. We will introduce you to the tricks for both Mega Fun Obby 1 and 2.

Mega Fun Obby 1 Codes

This is the longest version since it has almost 2,000 stages. Which will allow you to earn hours and hours of fun, as well as large sums of money. For this, we only have 1 working code and it is the following.

  • goinonvacation: Redeem it and you will get 2 jumps.

Mega Fun Obby 2

It may not have as many levels as its predecessor, but it does share the number of codes that are valid. That is, in this you will also have the chance to redeem a single code .

  • update455: Redeem it and you will get 2 jumps.

Mega Fun Obby Codes expired

Unfortunately for all fans of this game, there are a lot of codes that have already expired. Regardless of the version in which they play, they will find more codes that stopped working.

Mega Fun Obby 1

For the first version, we have the report that the following codes have expired.

  • pasta.
  • chiefskingdom.
  • onetwothree.
  • newyear2020.
  • ALMOST2020.
  • holiday2019.
  • update2050.
  • update2030.
  • vision2020.
  • twok.
  • wontgiveup.
  • dorian.

Mega Fun Obby 2

For the second version of this fun game, we have that the following codes stopped working.

  • Chiefskingdom
  • twentieth twenty
  • newyear2020
  • enjoyyy

How to redeem Mega Fun Obby codes

The way you need to redeem the Mega Fun Obby codes is really easy. Just like in the vast majority of Roblox games, just click on the Twitter icon. Then, a window will open where you can write the code of your preference.

Next, we leave you with a short video that better illustrates the entire procedure that we discussed earlier.

Now that you know everything about the Mega Fun Obby codes , it is time to jump out and enjoy one of the best platform games you will find.

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