Fire Emblem Heroes: Tier List – June 2023 (Complete List)

The next frontier that the Gamer industry is trying to break is that of mobile devices. Something that in recent years you can see great steps with games like Fire Emblem Heroes . An entertaining title of the RPG genre that captivates hundreds of players. Therefore, HDGamers brings you the Fire Emblem Heroes tier list

What is Fire Emblem Heroes about?

Before knowing the Fire Emblem Heroes tier list , it is important to know what is the plot of this game that is rapidly gaining popularity.

In this sense, when we talk about Fire Emblem Heroes we can start by saying that it is a turn-based tactical role-playing game. Where players can choose from a wide variety of characters to start their adventure.

A trip that will take you to visit an immense number of countries where each one will have a series of challenges that, without a doubt, will keep you connected to your mobile for long hours since, simply and simply, it is such a rich and complete story they have no waste.

What is the Fire Emblem Heroes tier list?

Considering the vast universe of characters that Fire Emblem Heroes offers, it is important to know the abilities of each of them.

Likewise, it is equally relevant to decipher what are the strengths of these great heroes. Also its weaknesses to devise a style of combat and play that can enhance them in your favor.

It is at this time that the idea arises to make this Fire Emblem Heroes tier list in order to provide HDGamers readers with the best information related to this great game.

What is the importance of the Fire Emblem Heroes tier list?

It should be noted that all the Heroes are 5 stars so the choice you make will always be worth it. But, just as they all have the same level of qualification, they all have a series of attributes that make them unique.

That is why knowing the Fire Emblem Heroes tier list is so important. Since with it you will be able to differentiate the strengths and weaknesses of each hero that makes life in this incredible game brought by Nintendo.

In this way, your adventures will always come to fruition. After all, the greatest power in the world has always been and will be information.

Fire Emblem Heroes tier list

The Fire Emblem Heroes tier list

In this order of ideas, remembering the fact that all the heroes that you will see below in the Fire Emblem Heroes tier list have the same rating. They were selected by color coding.

In this way, we will be able to differentiate them thanks to a series of common characteristics that some of them share.

However, to get there we based on the following parameters that we will break down below.

Evaluation criteria for the level list

The first parameter we established to develop this Fire Emblem Heroes tier list was personal strength and the distribution of its statistics in general.

In this way, we can get to know what are the personal advantages of each of them. In addition to the skills and exclusive equipment they have.

Consequently, we created this ranking by choosing heroes with well-distributed statistics. At the same time we consider weapons and types of movement.

Another important aspect of our criteria is that the heroes with fusion +10 can work normally in various situations, so the classification is made assuming zero fusion.

Consequently, heroes with Fusion +10 are not included in the ranking. In this way, we have reached the next Fire Emblem Heroes tier list that you will see below.

Red Heroes

Fallen Ike


  • Sword / Infantry.
  • Built-in DC for weapons and convert fines into bonus.
  • Exclusive specials that are easily activated by your A skill.

Young Caeda


  • Sword / fly.
  • Exclusive weapons are effective for 5 types of units, and Vantage built-in.
  • By default, there is a remote counter.

Spring Idunn


  • Red Breath / Armor.
  • Skills The skills of two players invalidate effective weapons.
  • Exclusive weapons prevent punishment and subsequent attacks by the enemy.



  • Red Beast / Flight.
  • Move 3 spaces when conditions are met.
  • Skill grants grant subsequent attacks.



  • Red Breath / Infantry.
  • Can invalidate effective dragon abilities.
  • Very powerful exclusive skills.



  • Red Breath / Armor.
  • Excellent counters for Surtr, Duma and Aversa.
  • Powerful tanks and weapons are effective for armored units.
  • Immune benefit.

Fallen Julia


  • Red / Fly Dome.
  • Achieves a polishing effect during solo and ensures follow-up.
  • You can cancel enemy bonuses and impose fines.

Blue Heroes

New Year Alfonse


  • Blue Book / Infantry.
  • Excellent duet skills.
  • All data will increase under special circumstances, very powerful for dragons.

Legendary Azura


  • Blue Book / Flight.
  • Incredible proofing skills.
  • Has +1 in flight and infantry allies.
  • Bonus for allies.

Legendary Tiki (Young)


  • Blue Breath / Armor
  • You can fight enemies even if there are 2 separate spaces.
  • Weapons are effective for dragons.
  • Amazing statistics.

Duo Ephraim


  • Spear / Infantry.
  • Very powerful duo skills.
  • A guaranteed follow-up attack can be obtained.

Brave Eliwood


  • Spear / Cavalry
  • Exclusive weapons are effective for dragon beasts.
  • Great profit when launching a battle.

Fallen Corrin (M)


  • Blue Breath / Infantry.
  • Make huge gains when no allies are nearby.
  • Prevents enemies from securing subsequent attacks and invalidates abilities that prevent you from following attacks.



  • Blue Book / Flight.
  • Powerful review unit.
  • Strengthen You can strengthen allies in all directions.

Legendary Julia


  • Blue Book / Infantry.
  • Super anti-dragon unit.
  • You can invalidate enemy gains and impose penalties on them.

Fire Emblem Heroes tier list

Green heroes



  • Armor / ax
  • Special weapons deal heavy fixed damage to nearby enemies.
  • Exclusive skills cast debuffs over a wide range.

Winter Sothis


  • Green Breath / Armor.
  • Can invalidate effective dragon abilities.
  • Very powerful exclusive skills.

Brave Ike


  • Ax / Infantry.
  • Best enemy infantry unit.
  • Amazing weapon refinery special effects upgrade.

Valentine’s Alm


  • Ax / Infantry.
  • Powerful duet skills.
  • Incredible default skills.



  • Green Breath / Infantry.
  • Reduce the impact of destruction actions in the area.
  • Strong ability to fight colorless enemies and fight back at any range.



  • Green Dome / Infantry.
  • You can guarantee guaranteed enemy follow-up attacks.
  • Get a follow-up attack immediately after the attack.

Colorless Heroes

Fallen Tiki (Young)


  • Colorless breathing / armor.
  • Rare users of colorless armor.
  • A unique weapon that can counterattack at any range.
  • Exclusive abilities gain +1 movement.

Legendary Alm


  • Colorless Bow / Infantry.
  • Exclusive skillsvery powerful.
  • Excellent attack statistics.



  • Staff / Cavalry.
  • Great bonuses and fines.
  • You can attack while avoiding counterattack.



  • Colorless beast / armor.
  • After conversion, you can defend yourself at any range.
  • Enemies make huge gains when starting battles.

Fallen Corrin (F)


  • Colorless breathing / infantry.
  • General statistics are the highest in FEH.
  • You can turn enemy profit into profit.

Valentine’s Faye


  • Colorless bow / armor.
  • Get guaranteed tracking while preventing enemies from following you.
  • Earn lots of Atk rewards by launching a battle.

Latest recommendations on the Fire Emblem Heroes tier list

To finish with the Fire Emblem Heroes tier list it is important that you have some additional knowledge that we did not expose previously during the development of this guide.

The first of them is that you can always combine heroes in different combat situations. So it is ideal to have at least one of each color to fully exploit your skills.

However, this should not be a limitation for you to develop your own style of play. More than anything it is a recommendation. Likewise, it is important that you constantly perform maintenance on the equipment since they tend to be damaged quickly.

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We hope you have enjoyed this post and that you found the information you were looking for. If you think that we should update any information about Fire Emblem Heroes Tier List or that we have made a mistake, do not hesitate to write to us!

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