Pokémon Fairy Type Weakness: How to Beat Easily

Pokémon Fairy Type Weakness

They look adorable and harmless. However, I can’t wait to destroy those nice faces they show. If you feel that way, here we tell you the Pokémon Fairy Type Weakness and some pokémon that could help you finish them all.

What are Fairy Pokémon Weak Against

Fairy Type is weak against Steel and Poison types. You should also keep in mind that Fire, Steel, and Poison types are resistant to Fairy Type attacks, so be careful when planning your combat strategy.

Best Pokémon Against Fairy Type

  • Nidoking
  • Heatran
  • Metagross
  • Scizor
  • Salazzle

All Fairy Type Pokémon

# Pokemon
35 Clefairy
36 Clefable
39 Jigglypuff
40 Wigglytuff
122 Mr Mime
173 Cleffa
174 Igglybuff
175 Togepi
176 Togetic
183 Marill
184 Azumarill
209 Snubbull
210 Granbull
280 Ralts
281 Kirlia
282 Gardevoir
298 Azurill
303 Mawile
439 Mime Jr
468 Togekiss
546 Cottonee
547 Whimsicott
707 Klefki

If you need more information about the weakness of each pokemon type, we invite you to search our extensive database.

Pokémon Weakness Chart
Normal Type Weakness Grass Type Weakness Fighting Type Weakness
Fire Type Weakness Electric Type Weakness Poison Type Weakness
Water Type Weakness Ice Type Weakness Ground Type Weakness
Flying Type Weakness Rock Type Weakness Dragon Type Weakness
Psychic Type Weakness Ghost Type Weakness Steel Type Weakness
Bug Type Weakness Dark Type Weakness Fairy Type Weakness
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