builds de Skyrim

Best Builds Skyrim 2021

One of the most iconic qualities of fantasy RPG video games is the variety of character options to choose from. Each and every one of them with unique qualities that … Read more

raft - console commands

Raft: Console Commands 2021

They say that necessity is the mother of creativity and few scenarios can fully exploit this capacity than one where survival is the goal. Whether in a natural disaster or, … Read more

Kenshi Console Commands

Kenshi: Console Commands 2021

The adventures that we can imagine in a post apocalyptic world are practically endless. In this scenario, where resources and risks grow exponentially every moment is ideal for the birth … Read more

atlas console commands

Atlas: Console Commands 2021

Survival games have been growing in popularity in recent years thanks to the difficulty they represent for players. A clear example of this is Atlas that, from the first moment, … Read more

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