Lego City Undercover Codes – Complete List

The evolution of society cannot be explained without considering the imagination and ingenuity of people as the cornerstone. With the combination of them we find ideas that could change the world and toys like Lego are experts in them. It is for this reason that HDGamers brings you all the Lego City Undercover codes .

Valid and active Lego City Undercover codes

First of all, when we talk about Lego City Undercover codes we have to mention that they are tricks that give you access to a huge world of alternatives. From special costumes to fully personalize your character with a unique style, to vehicles and accessories that make these tricks a necessity.

Here are the commands that will give you the power to be a God in the world of Lego City.


  • ycmwkp: You get a baseball player outfit.
  • cncnrh: You get a Drag Queen outfit.
  • xkgzvj: You get a Gorilla Suit outfit.
  • mhhrhm: You get a Race Pilot outfit.
  • rjyzhc: You get a Samurai Warrior outfit.
  • Gystqp: You get a Werewolf costume.
  • syfmwj: You get a footballer outfit.
  • hvgtpg: You get a Natalia Kowalski outfit.
  • CQSZBJ: You get a classic Alien costume.
  • SSVKCT: You get a suit from
  • NRRXYM: You get a pharaoh costume.
  • CNCNRH: You get a pop star outfit.
  • WRSKVC: You get a Roman soldier outfit.


  • 3GCC7XR: You get the red sports car.
  • dwjvct: You get the Drakonas
  • vzhhdm: You get the Tugboat
  • Mhhrhm: You get the Race Car.


  • 3D74QF9: You get bonus missions.
  • N7NN4F9: You get to unlock high-speed vehicle chases.
  • 3GCC7XR: You get extra missions.
  • N7NN4F9: You get missions.

Lego City Undercover Codes expired

Fortunately for Lego freak lovers, all codes are still fully operational.

How to redeem Lego City Undercover codes

To redeem the Lego City Undercover codes just go to the pause menu. Then select the extra option to open the window where you can enter the codes of your preference.

Next, we leave you with a short video that illustrates the entire procedure you must follow to redeem your codes and enjoy this great game.

Now that you know everything about the Lego City Undercover codes , all you have to do is go out and mold that huge canvas with your imagination and experience the adventures that only she can offer you.

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