Prey Safe Codes – March 2023 (Complete List)

In the video game universe there is a special place for those titles where wit and mettle are put to the test . Games full of closed doors and impenetrable safes with indecipherable codes are of great appeal to the gaming community. In this sense, HDGamers , in its eagerness to help you, brings you all the Prey safe codes .

Valid and active codes of Prey Safe

In this order of ideas, it can be understood that the Prey safe codes are nothing more than those keys that will give us access to areas that were previously blocked. In this sense, there will no longer be any secrets safe from our curiosity and we will have an even wider variety of shortcuts, hiding places and combat zones at our disposal.

As long as you can manage them in your favor, they will be very useful in your game. Below, we present you all the codes that are currently in operation.

  • 5150: Open the lock on the Simulation Debriefing safe located in the Neuromods Division.
  • 0451: Open the lock of the Morgan Yu Office located in the Talos 1 Hall.
  • 0526: Open the lock of the Safe in the Security Room located in the Talos Lobby
  • 1129: Open the lock on the Door to the Detention Room in the Security Room located in the Talos 1 Lobby.
  • 0913: Open the lock of the Computer Security Door located in the Talos 1 Lobby.
  • 7324: Open the lock of the Hendrik Devries Office Emergency Room Safe located in the Hall of Talos 1.
  • 9954: Open the lock on the Thorstein Office Safe located in the Hardware Labs.
  • 8714: Open the lock of the Armory located in Psychotronics.
  • 0523: Open the lock of Dr. Calvino’s Safe located in the Crew Rooms.
  • 2312: Open the lock of the Container in which Dr. Igwe is located in Exterior Talos 1.
  • 37845: Open the lock of the Reactor Room located in the Power Plant.

Expired Prey Safe Codes

Fortunately for lovers of this wonderful game, there is no code that has stopped working. So you can continue to enjoy all of those we previously discussed.

How to redeem Prey Safe codes

To redeem the Prey safe codes all you have to do is get close enough to the terminals of the doors or safes. Point the control at the keyboard until it is displayed and you can enter the codes.

Next, we present you a short video that illustrates the procedure to redeem these codes and have access to all the Prey areas and secrets.

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