Monster of Etheria Codes – Complete List (April 2021)

One of the most outstanding characteristics of the gamer universe is its great competitiveness. Not only among the games available on the market or the development studios. Also among its users. That is why HDGamers will help you by offering you the Monster of Etheria codes to perform at maximum level .

Valid and active Monster of Etheria codes

The truth about Monster of Etheria codes are not many. In fact, only two currently work, and both will give you a box containing a special item at random. However, they are objects of great value and utility. So they are still worth it, a lot.

Below, we present the tricks of the game that continue to offer us their help in our adventure.

  • HappyEaster2020: By entering this code you get 2 multiple boxes.
  • CodeFix2020: By entering this code you get 1 Multi Crate.

Expired Monster of Etheria Codes

Unfortunately for lovers of this great title, the following commands stopped working.

  • DeeterPlays170k.
  • DuduBetero500k.
  • BestKing.
  • TeamJyoan.
  • TeamKeiki.
  • OnPhone.
  • Redneon.
  • Valentines2020.
  • YearOfTheRat20.
  • HNY2020.
  • BlackFriday2019.
  • Thanksgiving2019.
  • DaMap2020.
  • HappyLNY20.
  • SummerAwaits2019.
  • FiveForFive2019.
  • SelfReflectionFour2019.
  • OneYearOfEtheria.
  • HappyAnniversary2019.
  • BackToSchool2019.
  • RaidAtArea51.
  • OneHundredEtherians.

How to redeem Monster of Etheria codes

To change the Monster of Etheria codes , just go to a Town Stores. When interacting with the NPC, a window will open where you will have the code option enabled. Select it and now you can enter the codes of your preference.

Next, we leave you with a short video that illustrates all the steps we have previously described to facilitate your understanding of how to redeem your commands.

Now that you know all about the Monster of Etheria codes , it’s time to hit the field and fight great and epic battles like only Roblox can bring for all its users.

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