King’s Field II: The Forgotten Gem of FromSoftware’s Early Legacy

In-game image from 'King's Field II' depicting a player encountering a dragon-like creature in a dimly lit dungeon, illustrating the game's early 3D graphics and fantasy RPG elements.

A Deep Dive into King’s Field II’s Realm

King’s Field II, a first-person action RPG, presented a groundbreaking experience for its time. Players navigate through a fully realized 3D world, facing formidable enemies, unraveling mysteries in labyrinthine dungeons, and collecting an array of items and weapons. Despite its graphics and gameplay mechanics feeling somewhat archaic by today’s standards, King’s Field II is revered as a cult classic, often mentioned in the same breath as FromSoft’s more contemporary successes.


As a sequel to the inaugural King’s Field, this game was the first to introduce international gamers to FromSoftware’s unique RPG style. Released in the United States simply as King’s Field, it managed to establish a standalone narrative, allowing newcomers to delve into its world without prior knowledge of the first game.


In Pursuit of the Moonlight Sword

At the heart of King’s Field II’s narrative is Prince Aleph’s quest to reclaim the sacred Moonlight Sword from the enigmatic island of Melanat. This legendary blade has since become a recurring motif in FromSoftware’s catalog, symbolizing the studio’s long-standing tradition and appearing in various forms across the Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, Elden Ring, and even referenced in the Armored Core series through the MOONBLADE.


Characters and the Tapestry of Lore

The game’s lore, intricate and layered, is revealed through interactions with a cast of diverse characters. Players meet figures like Earnest Clyde, a nobleman from Verdite, and Celffy Foss, an ancient merchant. Each character, from miners like Cliff Lore to adventurers like Dalf Vice, adds depth and context to the game’s rich storytelling tapestry.


Chronology of the King’s Field Series

King’s Field II belongs to a lineage of games that laid the groundwork for FromSoftware’s future RPG masterpieces. The series includes:


King’s Field (1994)

King’s Field II (1995)

King’s Field III (1996)

Sword of Moonlight: King’s Field Making Tool (2000)

King’s Field IV (2001)

King’s Field: Additional I (2006)

King’s Field: Additional II (2006)

Gameplay and Challenge

In line with the solemn and immersive atmosphere that would characterize its later titles, King’s Field II does not include traditional cheat codes. Nevertheless, players adept at using third-party cheat devices like the Game Genie can discover ways to enhance their gameplay experience, whether it’s boosting stats or unlocking key items.

King’s Field II Cheat Codes

Regrettably, King’s Field II does not contain any built-in cheat codes. From its inception, the developers focused on crafting the grave and foreboding atmosphere that would become a hallmark of their future role-playing games. Incorporating the lighthearted and whimsical cheat codes that were common in other games from that era could potentially disrupt the game’s intended tone. Nonetheless, King’s Field II was as open to external cheat devices as other games from its time. With gadgets like the Game Genie, players have the ability to boost their in-game statistics or obtain important items. For those who possess such a device today, cheat code compilations can be sourced online. Without such devices, embracing the traditional gameplay approach is the only option.

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The Review

King’s Field II


  • Deep, Engrossing World: "King's Field II" offers a richly detailed and immersive world that players can delve into, full of lore and mystery.
  • Challenging Gameplay: The game is known for its challenging difficulty, which can be rewarding for players who enjoy mastering tough games.
  • Innovative for Its Time: It was one of the early examples of 3D RPGs, offering a first-person perspective that was novel for RPGs at the time of its release.
  • Atmospheric: The game's atmosphere is well-crafted, with a somber and ominous tone that sets the stage for a unique gaming experience.
  • Complex Mechanics: The game features complex mechanics and systems, such as its magic and equipment, that offer depth to gameplay.


  • Steep Learning Curve: Newcomers to the series or genre may find "King's Field II" quite difficult to get into due to its challenging nature.
  • No Official Cheat Codes: For those who may struggle or just want to have a more relaxed experience, the lack of official cheat codes means there's no way to easily bypass the game's challenges.
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