Shindo Life Jinshiki Event Codes Private Servers

If you’re looking for the Shindo Jinshiki private server codes list, it only recently began. You can visit any private server for this event using the code that is on that server. As long as you have these codes, you are free to continue loading your game wherever you like. So let’s have a look at the whole list of private server codes for the Jinshiki event in Shindo Life on Roblox.

Shindo Jinshiki Event Private Server Codes List

These are the Shindo Jinshiki Event in Shindo Life private server codes:

  • ​-dyJZV
  • -h7Xm8
  • 0o87iT
  • 0Q1bxU
  • 0wnW_m
  • 1DXZAX
  • 1gxEE3
  • 1yJksT
  • 2Kt0te
  • 2KtOte
  • 34dfRA
  • 35vaZP
  • 3Qrhlz
  • 75wZ-0
  • 8Cqv2O
  • 8W072_
  • 9Ig4fN
  • c1X48B
  • Chqwep
  • Cv-0Uz
  • Cv-OUz
  • cx7IsN
  • dft_JC
  • EH3gEl
  • fgc4BI
  • fgc4BI
  • fkU1IO
  • gRxzDg
  • hJYG8t
  • HpoWze
  • IHqida
  • LE6AP_
  • lOLJC9
  • NO6Dg4
  • oLksGi
  • Omh_m0
  • Ooc1Im
  • pcYhy6
  • pNGMXP
  • tgairz
  • tJ_zei
  • TLn2Da
  • U0ozoB
  • UA9rRr
  • uwRNA7
  • V6WPOO
  • Wi816B
  • WoKj_Z
  • wpta45
  • XeIESM
  • XelESM
  • XsX9VL
  • y7KhAF
  • YiFmoR
  • yVmE0m
  • Z_MOu5
  • ZrQB0_


  • He will reappear in the middle of the battlefield following the defeat of the Jinshiki Event boss.
  • The Jinshiki Event Boss has a 1/8 chance to grant players the Mode of Raion-Gaiden as well as the Jinshiki Event God Awakening Sub-Ability.
  • Tailed Spirits could be dropped by the boss.
  • This boss is modeled after Isshiki Otsutsuki, one of the series’ antagonists from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations.

How to Use?

Play the video, select Jinshiki Event on the map, and access the player menu (M key). In the menu on the left of the new window, select Travel. In the list provided, input any of the IDs or codes by clicking Private Server Teleport.

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