Games like Roblox to build and explore fantastic worlds

Are you looking for games similar to Roblox to create incredible worlds with total creative freedom? You have come to the right place. Roblox is, in simple words, an online video game platform, where players have the power to build fantastic worlds with Roblox Studio, the platform’s built-in creation system. It is a sandbox version that uses the Luau programming language, an adaptation of the Lua programming language. 

Either way, enough about Roblox. Surely you already know it well, and that is precisely why you are looking for alternatives that inspire you to create and imagine new incredible worlds. We present here our list with the best alternatives to games like Roblox that we have been able to find. Grab a pencil and paper and write them all down!


Minecraft and Roblox are the most popular sandbox video games worldwide today. However, to assume that there is competition between them would be to classify them in the same category, since, in practical terms, they are two quite different games. And it is that beyond certain elements of the visual section, Minecraft shares only a couple of things with Roblox. 

The main difference between Roblox and Minecraft is their structure. On the one hand, Minecraft is a closed game, in which you can create the world by modifying the blocks of which it is composed. On the other hand, Roblox is a system on its own, allowing you to create or access other games. In this sense, it could be said that Minecraft is more predictable in terms of content, but it is no less fun for that.

Games similar to Roblox - Minecraft


  • Lots of Mods and Addons in the store. From shaders, skin packs, and texture packs, to player-made maps.
  • Minecraft can be played on a PC, Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, or mobile device. It’s also cross-platform in its Bedrock edition, allowing you to play with 90% of your friends who own the game.
  • With its realm and server system, you can enjoy incredible multiplayer fun, with some games geared towards more casual gamers and others geared towards more competitive gamers, like Factions.
  • Creative mode can be a boost for artists. Some creations in Minecraft take an unimaginable amount of time, creativity, planning, and intelligence. And we must admit that they are all works of art.
  • Redstone circuits have made it possible to build incredible things, from supercomputers to moving cities. This structure that activates or controls mechanisms is particularly exciting for people pursuing careers in the fields of engineering and science.
  • Its fun exploration options make it possible for you to build and visit biomes and naturally generated structures, such as fossils, villages, and even city recreations.


  • The odd bug suddenly attacks you savagely, but nothing serious.
  • Occasionally there are some lag spikes.
  • Some get bored of the game because of its childish aspect.
  • Although his fans include teenagers and adults, the reality is that a large number of fans are school children.
  • PlayStation does not currently have the Bedrock Edition.

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Cubic Castles

Cubic Castles is a voxel sandbox MMO that unites the best of block building and 3D platforming action. In it, players collect resources and design their own world. 

As in almost all games similar to Roblox, you will have the possibility to explore a huge map in which each player has their own kingdom, designed by each one. You will have to look for different types of blocks and resources by mining different areas, such as forests, deserts, jungles and mountains, where you can also find rare loot. With the blocks you have collected, you will be able to make tools and blocks to build impressive and full of life structures. 

As if that were not enough, you can also use traps, puzzles and unique blocks to challenge other players. If you wish, you can even set up your own store, where you can trade all the supplies and objects you have collected with the game’s currency. With in-game currency, you can buy more blocks, cosmetics, and tools so you can create that ideal world you’ve dreamed of in-game.


  • The economy within the game is stable and has a robust system.
  • Creating construction tools and crafting objects is easy.
  • You will have unique objects to design an incredible world of platforms.


  • The camera angle prevents versatile play.
  • You will have to grind quite a lot in order to accumulate resources and build your masterpieces.
  • The user interface leaves a bit to be desired on mobile devices, as it is designed specifically for tablets.

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First of all, Kogama is one of the Roblox-like games that is free to play, 3D, supports multiplayer, and also shares the same nature as its direct competition. Once inside the game, you will be able to design the different levels and make your own games. 

Of course, you can create your own rules and even plan who you want to compete against, which is an incredible improvement to the experience when playing with others – not to mention that you can socialize with your friends. In fact, it’s quite common that when you first get into KoGaMa, you feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of games available.

It should be noted that some games may also appeal to adults, and even the technology used in them may not be as appropriate for young children.

Despite this, the games present in KoGaMa provide a safe environment for children. In fact, KoGaMa has educational content and games so that  children can practice math, solve problems and explore their creativity. 

As a KoGaMa player, kids can learn to code and design their own environments. Even children have a safe environment because they can’t register in it, and negative comments are controlled by the administrator. 


  • You have thousands of games within the site to find the ones you like the most. 
  • Social creativity has a great benefit for children. 
  • Encourage teamwork with some collaborative games.
  • As an adult, you can also play educational video games. 
  • Its simple use makes it ideal for all ages.
  • Currently, KoGaMa is one of the most creative Roblox-like games on the market. 


  • In some games, you may feel that the sounds are going much louder than they should.
  • As in any creation, this game has some bugs that can affect performance.

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Like Roblox, Blockland is a game that never fails to impress. If you are someone who grew up with Lego, and loved building with its blocks, then you will surely love playing this awesome game. 

Despite having been released in 2007, this incredible multiplayer will instantly impress you with its beautiful and careful design. Like almost all Roblox-like games, Blockland gives you the freedom to design whatever you can imagine. By purchasing the game, you will be able to have a server with capacity for up to 100 players. 

Among the most unique features of the game you will have the power to use weapons, missile launchers, vehicles, arcades, among others, however you can think of. It’s normal that at first you feel a bit lost in the game, or overwhelmed by the number of things to do, but don’t worry, it’s one of the common factors of this type of game. 


  • Blockland is a safe game for children.
  • They have a very committed user support.
  • Its features have nothing to envy to other games similar to Roblox.
  • The musical and sound section is remarkable.
  • Building your character is easy thanks to its intuitive controls.
  • The terrain editor is incredibly helpful to players.


  • There have been a few complaints about people spamming in-game, so if you see one, just be a little cautious, ignore it, or report it. 
  • The base game in question costs approximately $10, if we do not count the additional packs that you can opt for.

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  • PC (solo Windows)


We have included Terraria among the best games similar to Roblox because it is simply a work of art. This 2D open world video game seamlessly blends exploration, adventure, and combat, in a randomly generated world.

Some of the things that make Terraria so great are classic open world games, but no less important. First of all, you will notice that it retains the same style of blocks. Second, the power to craft, build, collect, and fight are important parts of both games. Finally, in both Terraria and Roblox you have the chance to explore a huge world where things to do rarely end, and where your imagination is the limit.

You will start your adventure with your character, which you can customize in terms of hairstyle, clothes, outfit colors, among others. The game offers you a series of tools to carve out the world in your own way, and use the resources you collect along the way, such as minerals. 

Your path begins with certain base points of life and magic, which you can increase as you progress in the game, along with points of attack, defense, speed, while using various objects that you can find during your game. With the resources that you are exploiting, you will be able to make useful objects, such as armor, weapons, potions, and many more.


  • The feeling of progress within the game is satisfying. There are always new areas to explore, armor to upgrade, and challenges to face. Even when you think you’ve done it all, you still have a Hardcore mode to experience.
  • You will never get bored when facing the bosses, because their appearance and unique characteristics make them as peculiar as you have never seen them before
  • The musical section of this game is magical and enchanting, with memorable melodies. Also, the scary sound effects when facing the bosses are top notch.
  • You will have a number of weapons never seen before in this type of game, and, we must limit, they are simply brilliant and witty.


  • As in many of the games similar to Roblox but that suffer from a slightly more adult dynamic, the learning curve is quite uphill. Starting without guides and reaching certain levels requires a fairly strong level of dedication.
  • Although the music is spectacular, this section is not free from complaints. Boss encounter music tends to loop, to the point of being incredibly annoying.
  • Obtaining Souls is unfairly difficult. In the boss encounters, if you lose, you simply lose all the collected souls and must spend around 30 minutes recovering them.
  • The best part of the game is said to come at the “end”, and is what follows after defeating THE Wall of Flesh. It’s quite frustrating to find a bunch of cool items that only become available after defeating this hellish and highly complex boss.

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Growtopia is another free game on the list, a 2D sandbox MMO from developer Ubisoft. Just like in Roblox, you’ll have tons of mini-games to choose from and key customization aspects to make your game one of a kind.

A concept that is unique to Growtopia and one that we are sure you will thoroughly enjoy is the seed splicing system, which is essentially the crafting method that helps you discover a huge range of items. And of course, as with all the games on this list, Growtopia is like Roblox, but it’s not exactly the same.

The game, although it was originally released on mobile and PC in 2013, in 2019 console versions began to come out, such as for the Switch, PS4 and Xbox One exclusively regionally. This can only be a sign that no matter what platform you have, you have to try it now!


  • To protect your children from conversations with strangers during the game, you have the option to disable public messages and also only receive messages from my friends.
  • Growtopia’s crafting system is pretty clever, as everything from building blocks to furniture to clothes and accessories grows on trees. At the beginning you will be able to access a few types of seeds, which you can plant in the ground to grow trees such as the Earth Tree -which generates blocks of earth- and so on.
  • You’ll be able to mix seeds and create new varieties of trees, unlocking access to wonderful new types of items. You will achieve this by sowing two different seeds in the same plot at the same time.
  • You will have both decorative and functional objects, which adds a lot of dynamism and interactivity to the game.
  • If you dedicate enough time to the game, you will be able to create mini-games, like super fun parkour obstacle courses.
  • In addition to creating their own worlds, players can visit any other world at any time simply by typing a name into the worlds menu in-game. If it doesn’t exist, it will give you the option to create it.


  • As with any beautiful game, there are complications, and Growtopia has a surprisingly steep learning curve.
  • The easy-to-use touch controls from the mobile version haven’t translated well to this console version, which uses a standard controller, and some strange button mappings make learning difficult. 
  • The in-game tutorial could provide clearer instructions for tasks like door programming and other key game activities.
  • Trees take time to grow, and some take longer than others, so you’ll have to wait to see the results. 
  • To be honest, the number of seeds you can find on your own is limited, and you probably need to interact with others or buy them with in-game currency.
  • The world lock system requires you to pay real money if you want to lock more than one world. Since players can visit any world at any time by simply typing in the correct name, if the world owner doesn’t place a lock on their creation, malicious players can come in and destroy everything. 

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Another game that follows a similar legacy to Roblox is Trove. It is a multiplayer role-playing game, so you can play it casually with friends or family during weekends or in your spare time. 

Although it may not be as impressive as other titles in this list of games similar to Roblox, that does not make it any less outstanding. In fact, some of the features of Roblox that we can find in Trove is the construction of landscapes, buildings, cars, among others. 

On the other hand, many players feel that the game lacks clarity as to what it expects from you. Sudden changes in the story can leave you stumped. Still, somehow, the developers have managed to turn that confusion into more ambiguity for players. 

As a player, you will be able to design your house, get loot and treasure, as well as buy items and characters. In this way, you will be able to adopt the role of a knight (the great favorite), a gunslinger, a pirate, among others. Each one has a price, powers, and abilities, so you’ll want to choose yours carefully. 


  • The game is free. 
  • It comes with several features very similar to Roblox, implemented in its style. 
  • The number of characters is wide, which offers you a variety of options to choose from. 
  • You can design buildings, as well as experiment with your own roles.
  • Players can play the game on Mac, Xbox One, Windows.
  • It is enjoyed in long sessions, resulting in a very enriching experience, because that is when the true value of the game is discovered. 


  • On some occasions, the music is out of tune with the environment.
  • At times, it is not very clear what is expected of you in the game. 
  • Sudden changes in history that can leave you stunned and aimless.

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Garry’s Mod

Garry’s Mod is the wacky game that many gamers find boring at first, but over time they keep coming back for more. The game can be played on multiple online platforms and is quite similar aesthetically to Roblox and others on this list. 

With its simplicity and ease of play, Garry’s Mod is among the most popular games around the world, especially Roblox-like games. It has a simple plot, but you are sure that you will always find something interesting to do within the game.

In addition, practically all your creations can be used within the game. For example, if you make a car, you ride in it. Similarly, when you create a rocket, you can fly into space. This makes the game quite practical and realistic.


  • The game is fun and exciting to play.
  • It has loads of exciting features and mods to use.
  • You can design tons of products and items on it. 
  • If you are a fan of creativity, then this is your ultimate game. 
  • There is always something interesting and new as the developers are constantly updating the game. 
  • You will be able to socialize with friends as Garry’s Mod supports multiplayer mode.


  • The game tends to crash often.
  • Bugs are not made to pray.
  • The game is priced at less than 10 dollars, it is not free.

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The Blockheads

The popular mobile game The Blockheads is near the bottom of our list of best games like Roblox. This indie game, like most of the ones above, is a sandbox survival game with plenty of creative opportunities. 

You’ll be able to build huge structures, take on other blockheads in PVP worlds, and explore the multitude of randomly generated worlds with all kinds of terrain, from mountains to forests to oceans. In short, you will have to use your nails to try to survive.

Pixel art, geometric landscapes, and open-ended gameplay make The Blockheads similar enough to draw die-hard Roblox and Minecraft fans into a new world, yet different enough to keep players hooked.  

Basically, you will have to move the protagonist, called “Blockhead” (what originality), through a landscape full of obstacles, such as freezing temperatures, dangerous fauna and extreme hunger.


  • Fun 8-bit graphic style reminiscent of another very popular sandbox game.
  • Open play provides hours of free and creative play.
  • Sequential tasks teach problem solving.


  • Although the initial download is free, the game offers in-app purchases of the world’s currency: Time Crystals. These crystals are not required, but can be used to speed up actions such as building or warping. If you can avoid spending extra money, even better.

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LEGO Worlds

Last but not least, what is more similar to Roblox than a proper LEGO game? In LEGO Worlds you can explore your creativity by building your own empire with countless Legos, in a world, yes, basically made of infinite Legos.

For this reason and if, ultimately, your thing is exploration and construction, this is the game for you. Its vibrant colors, upbeat music, and great community will offer you plenty of opportunities for adventure and discovery. Without a doubt, it is a game that is worth trying if you are a fan of other games like Roblox.


  • Open world LEGO builder. 
  • Worlds are procedurally generated. 
  • High customization capacity.
  • It has a different approach to the latest Lego games.
  • It is full of charm and personality.
  • Lego digital construction is amazing.


  • Controls feel clunky at times. 
  • Content and missions are limited, making progress repetitive.
  • The camera does not work well and makes it difficult to build.  
  • It feels too linear for an open world.
  • The first phases are slow and not so entertaining.

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Now that we have finished with this list of games like Roblox, which has been your favorite? Have you played any of them? Get ready to have an amazing time creating dream worlds and exploring gigantic fantasy maps! If you share this post with your friends, rest assured that together they will dare to play one of these sensational similar games. 

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