The 5 best games similar to Age of War

You will suddenly think that there are no games like Age of War, given its unique plot and age. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to realize that, although it is a game that dates back to the days of flash games (now, some migrated to HTML5), there are some similar alternatives.

Age of War is a fast paced strategy game. You will have to defend your base from enemy forces and gain experience. After accumulating enough XP points, your civilization will progress, thereby discovering more advanced technologies for battle.

It all starts in the Prehistory era, and your enemies will be cavemen equipped with rudimentary tools. With the progress to each one of the epochs ( Middle Ages, Renaissance, Modern Era, Future ) you will be able to have at your disposal new weapons to defend yourself and more powerful and intelligent enemies. You can’t neglect yourself for a second!

If all this description has seemed interesting to you, then don’t hesitate to continue looking at the list of games similar to Age of War to design the best survival strategies.

Age of Defense

Age of Defense is, like Age of War, an online game that you can play from your computer’s browser from different websites that host it. This is one of the games similar to Age of War, in which you can equip your brave warrior with 3 types of weapons: arrows, pistols and the ability to throw objects. Your main objective is to protect your base from enemy attack at all costs.

Keep in mind that the attack can come on foot or from the air, so you must remain vigilant at all times. Also, you will be able to unlock different bases, backgrounds, special weapons, special effects and other types of weapons along your way. You will be able to use the keys of the keyboard and the mouse as controls to attack with everything the enemy forces that lie in wait for you.

Games similar to Age of War - Age of Defense

Available for

  • PC (Browser). Not to be confused with Steam’s Age of Defense.

Cat War y Cat War 2

These single-player games combine the Arcade, Strategy, and Fighting genres with a lot of tenderness and action. Cat War is one of the games similar to Age of War that has its version for Android.

The game takes place in the beautiful Kingdom of Cats, where kittens live in peace, but subjugated by the kingdom of dogs. However, after a while, some cats became insurgents, and decide to end the oppressive yoke of the Kingdom of Dogs.

The Game in its second version, Cat War2, remains a side-scrolling and combat video game, in which the individual strategy and the effort you put into the game will bring you great rewards.

You will be able to improve the buildings and build barracks, workshops and others to train combat units, increasing the improvement of these units each time the building is improved. In general, it is a simple game with a simple control, it would only be to touch the screen and drag. Plus, with its fun characters, no one can have a bad time!

Games similar to Age of War - Cat War and Cat War2

Available for

Stick War

Not much introduction is needed, if the name itself says it all. Stick War is a game that uses stick figures in war strategy combat. It was originally released for the booming technology at the time, Flash. However, this type of technology has been discontinued as of January 2021. It is now only available to play in your web browser through various partner websites.

In Stick War, you will have the power to declare war on various countries, or bring the long-awaited peace. Which one will you choose? You will be able to start the game by following the initial tutorial to learn how to create units. Each stick figure can be handled individually. Your objective is to destroy the enemy statue and go on to conquer the next nation.  

You will manage the following classes: Archidonis, the way of the archer, Swordwrath, the way of the sword; Magikill, the way of the magician; Speartons, the way of the spear. In the game, you will be the leader of a nation of kittens, called “Order”. Thanks to your philosophy of peace, the nation has remained unarmed.

While your war-avoidance methods and knowledge have made your people unaccustomed to weapons, this makes you a recurring target for neighboring nations who seek to take advantage of your peace. Your only chance to defend yourself is to attack before your opponent breaks through to you, and be ready at all times!

Games similar to Age of War - Stick War

Available for

Army of Ages

In Army of Ages, you will have around 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard and Crazy. Also, the interesting tutorial of the game is enough to pique your interest. Your goal is to destroy the alien invasion that emerges from a creepy spaceship in the form of horrible creatures.

In addition, you will have to evolve your base by building and controlling more than 50 units and turrets. As if this were not enough, you will have to earn coins and experience points to defeat the threat and move on to the next era. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Try it now!

Games similar to Age of War - Army of Ages

Available for

  • PC (Web Browser)

Crystal War

Lastly, we have Crystal War, one of the Age of War-like games. This means that all iOS enthusiasts could take full advantage of Crystal War anytime, anywhere.

Considered as a real-time simulation game, it also includes attractive elements of strategy and defense. The story features the alliance of humans and elves joining forces to take back the land from the goblins.

Within this entertaining game you will have several activities to do. You can mine the crystals, cast different spells, collect blue orbs to get a short skill cooldown, and upgrade the skill of the crystal and the mine workers to gain a decisive advantage over your enemy. What are you waiting for to get this brilliant and peculiar game?

Similar games to Age of War - Crystal War

Available for

  • It was originally available for all iOS devices but has now been discontinued as well.

Now that you know all the games like Age of War, you are ready to defend your base from the evil enemy forces that want to disturb your peace. Find out if you can handle the challenge by trying one of them and telling us about your experience. Do you know other games like Age of War? We look forward to your feedback!



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