Bioshock Codes – Complete List (September 2020)

Video games are a window to let the imagination fly with the creation of an infinity of stories and worlds limited only by creativity. In this sense, the difficulty between certain copies usually varies, a good example is the case Bioshock and their blocked accesses. So, so that no door is a danger, we bring you the Bioshock codes .

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Valid and active codes of Bioshock

In this sense, you will have noticed when talking about Bioshock codes , we only mention those keys hidden in the world that are the keys to certain stations.

Therefore, if you want to live the total experience of the game, we recommend you have a very good eye and search carefully for every corner since these codes are hidden in your environment.

However, if you do not want to suffer continuous headaches and frustration at not being able to find them while running for your life. HDGamers brings you the complete list of these tricks with which no door will be such a big obstacle that it puts your game at risk.

  • 0047: Enter this code to enter La Clínica .
  • 1919: Enter this code to enter the Siren Maintenance Area.
  • 5254: Enter this code to enter the Theater of Plasmids .
  • 2673: Enter this code to enter the Watchtower .
  • 1540: Enter this code to enter the Adonis Luxury Resort .
  • 1080: Enter this code to enter the Dionisio Park .
  • 4146: Enter this code to enter Recreational Therapy .
  • 2341: Enter this code to enter the Minerva’s Lair .
  • 0451: Enter this code to enter the Funeral Home of the Medical Ward .
  • 5380: Enter this code to enter the lower dock of Neptune’s Bounty .
  • 7533: Enter this code to enter room 7 of the McDonagh Tavern on Neptune’s Bounty.
  • 9457: Enter this code to open the safe in Julie Langford’s office in Arcadia .
  • 0512: Enter this code to enter the pumping station at the agricultural fair .
  • 7774: Enter this code to enter the Robertson Tobacco Store in Fort Frolic.
  • 0126: Enter this code to enter Kyburz’s office on Hephaestus.
  • 5744: Enter this code to enter the elevator that leads to Fontaine’s house in Olympus Heights
  • 1921: Enter this code to enter the weapon store in armored escorts Failsafe at Point Prometheus .

Codes of Bioshock expired

Fortunately for fans of this amazing and exciting game, all the codes we have previously described are still completely valid. So you still have the opportunity to enjoy them to the fullest.

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How to redeem codes Bioshock

To make use of your knowledge about the codes secret of Bioshock. Just go to the locked door and point to the control panel on the side of it. Once in it, you will have to enter each command one by one to open it.

Next, we leave you with a small video that illustrates each step that we have described in order to provide all the tools for you to enjoy the experience of this great game.

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Once you know all the secrets of Bioshock codes , we can finish our task. So, from HDGamers , all that remains is to invite you to enjoy one of the best titles that exist today.

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