Final Selection Project Slayers

Final Selection Project Slayers

Final Selection Project Slayers

Final Selection Project Slayers is a challenging mission that is designed to be completed by small teams of players. You can join the Slayer Corp. once completed the Final Selection. In addition, you and your teammates will get the legendary Slayer Corp outfit. The Final  selection is like the beginning of the game, and everything before it is just a tutorial. Do you need guidance for the project slayers’ final selection? In that case, you’ve come to the perfect place. If you want to learn more about the final selection of project slayers, read the whole post.

How to Start Project Slayers Final Selection? 

Roblox Project Slayers is a game in which you can build a character and participate in the universe of the Demon Slayer anime and manga. You can choose to be a human and fight demons, or you can become a demon and attack the people you previously knew.  

To begin the Final Selection Project Slayer, you have to obtain level 15 as a human. If you fulfilled all the essentials, you can proceed with the list as shown on the map. Following that, you will reach a large Shrine where the final selection is taken.

Project Slayers Final Selection quest list

Quest one

This one simply asks you to find Beth. If you’re having difficulty, you can use the Project Slayers map. 

Quest two

When you locate Beth, she will ask to find her katana at this step. It shouldn’t be too difficult because the demons are generally weaker than others.

Quest three 

In this stage, you must find an apple, strawberry, and banana for quest runner Ouwbae. 

Quest five

Brandon wants you to face seven Yowai Demons.

Quest six

You have to kill five Heikin Demons at Mannyy’s request. It’ll be difficult, but he’s not going to help you. You must accomplish the entire work by yourself. 

Quest seven

At this stage, you’ll notice that Steve is also asking for help while assisting others. Remember, this is a trap; Steve wants you to face a Hand Demon.

How to beat a Hand Demon in Final Selection?

If you are able to reach quest number 6, there is an easy approach to defeat the Hand Demon in the Final Selection of Project Slayer. 

You must get to the Final Selection’s final location and bring the boss toward the cave’s entrance. You can then climb the stone walls and use your long-range attacks to defeat the Hand Demon from above.

However, there is another efficient and simple technique to defeat him. You may go towards his head, attack him with melee, and then back off. He can only hit you with one or two attacks that do little damage, and his ground attacks won’t hurt you from above.

Project Slayers Final Selection rewards

Your team will get the prestigious Slayer Corp uniform for successfully completing the Project Slayers Final Selection event. You have the chance to advance in the organization’s ranks through upcoming quests.

Your journey will begin at the Mizunoto level, with the acquisition of an Ore. It acts as an alternative currency to Robux for purchasing various products.

Additionally, you’ll get a Kusugai Crow, which will be helpful in your attempts to defeat demons.

Final Selection Schedule and Start Times

The most crucial fact is that you can only participate in the quest at specific times throughout the day. Every day at 6 am, 11 am, 4 pm, and 10 pm EST, Final Selection is accessible. Since the opening times for each of the four Final Selection slots vary, we have developed four separate timers. As a result, you can easily determine when the next Final Selection slot will begin:

Time Slot: 6 a.m. EST

Time length till next Final Selection 6 am time slot: 13 hours 15 minutes 25 seconds

Time Slot: 11 a.m. EST

Time length till next Final Selection 11 am time slot: 18 hours 14 minutes 21 seconds

Time Slot: 4 p.m. EST

Time length till next Final Selection 4 pm time slot: 23 hours 14 minutes 44 seconds

Time Slot: 10 p.m. EST 

Time length till next Final Selection 10 pm time slot: 5 hours 14 minutes 44 seconds


Project Slayer is a popular name among modern video game enthusiasts. This game entertains individuals with its amazing and thrilling challenges. One step of this game is the final selection, where some tasks are given. If you complete this stage, you will be included in the Slayer Corp. In conclusion, the final selection project slayer process is also an interesting stage. 

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