How to clear the Cache on iPhone 13

how to clear cache on iphone 13

how to clear cache on iphone 13

The iPhone 13’s speed and performance are crucial for its users. Regularly cleaning the device, particularly caches, can ensure smooth and clear browsing. Caches and stored files slow down the phone, impacting performance. Clearing caches not only boosts iPhone performance but also resolves issues like app crashes and slowness. Below, we’ll discuss the process of clearing caches for various browsers and iPhones, helping you maintain optimal performance for your important device. 

How to clear Cache from on iPhone 13 in Safari Browser?

As an iPhone 13 user, you might have experienced the Safari browser slowing down after some time of use. To address this issue, follow these steps to clear the Safari browser cache:

  1. Go to the settings apps on your iPhone 13.
  2. From the apps, you need to select Safari.
  3. You will see Clear History and Website Data
  4. Then select Clear History and Data in the pop-up box.

When you confirm it, all the Cache will clear. You need to shut down your phone and restart your iPhone. You have done the job. 

How to clear Cache from iPhone in Chrome?

For clearing Cache from popular Chrome browser. You need to follow the steps:

  1. At first, you need to open the Chrome browser on your iPhone.
  2. Then go to tap more (three-dot icon) top right corner of the browser.
  3. Find out the settings below the options.
  4. After setting the tap, click then go to select the Privacy option.
  5. Choose Clear

How to clear Cache from iPhone in Firefox?

Firefox is another important browser. To clear the Cache, you need to follow the below steps as well:

  1. First, open your Firefox on your iPhone and tap the More icon [three horizontal icon lines] below the right corner area.
  2. Choose the settings from the menu located at the bottom.
  3. Choose data management.
  4. Then you can select the website for clearing single website data or remove or clear private data for all the chosen fields.

Ways to clear the iPhone cache

Learn how to clear Cache from your iPhone to free up storage. Many apps cache data for future use, leading to unwanted clutter. Follow these steps to regularly remove accumulated cache and optimize your iPhone’s storage:

  1. Going to the settings app.
  2. Find out the General from the setting page.
  3. See the iPhone storage. You will find the storage space full of many applications. These are rearranged according to large to small.
  4. Now you can clear the Cache by clicking the app. There have two types of apps offload apps and delete apps.

Offloading apps permit you to delete them while retaining their data, so if you reinstall the app later, the data will be restored automatically. On the contrary, selecting to delete apps completely removes all the app data from your device. 

Restart iPhone to Clear the Cache

Restarting your iPhone is a useful method to check its memory and ensure the proper functioning of essential apps. If the apps open smoothly after the restart, it indicates sufficient storage for smooth performance. To restart the iPhone 13, simply follow these steps:

  1. Firstly you have to press and hold the power as well as the Volume button. When the shutdown prompt is visible, on the other hand, if anyone uses the home button and then press and hold the home button and power button, it will be similar.
  2. Use power off slider
  3.  After turning off the iPhone, wait for 10 seconds and then start it again.

That’s the restarting cache-clearing process. 

Clearing the cache on iPhone 13 by resetting it

If clearing the Cache and other methods haven’t improved your iPhone’s performance, you can restore the iPhone 13 to its factory settings and perform a reset. Remember that this will erase all data from your device, so ensure you have a backup to restore your previous data:

  1. Go to iPhone 13 settings
  2.  Click General, then click Transfer or Reset option.
  3. Select Erase All Content and Setting 
  4. Then give the passcode to continue the action.

After entering the passcode, your phone will begin resetting. While finishing the process, you need to set up as before.  

Make a backup of your important data before clearing your cache

When resetting your iPhone, failing to back up may lead to data loss, necessitating recovery tools. To avoid this, back up your iPhone data. iCloud and iTunes offer reliable backup options but keep in mind iCloud has limited 5GB storage and iTunes may have data storage issues. To overcome this, consider using third-party apps like FoneTools, a professional iPhone data backup and operations application. It boasts a user-friendly interface and requires no Apple ID for access. New users can use it confidently, but it’s essential to read the FoneTools manual or documentation before use.


Undoubtedly iPhone 13 is a crucial device for a person. He/she has to do many daily tasks with the phone. Social media management, phone call management, business software use, and many other task people use smartphones. People use the iPhone 13 from morning to late at night. So it is crucial to update it or clear the Cache or other operations. From the above process, the discussion of clearing the Cache from iPhone 13 is mandatory if the phone holder wants to use it smoothly. 

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