How to make cake in Minecraft

You can get this item by finding a chicken and confining it with a fence or any other block that it can’t escape from and then you have to wait about 5-10 minutes for the chicken to lay an egg.

However, before you can make the cake, you must know how to obtain the materials needed to make it. With that said, let’s start with the first ingredient you’ll need for the cake, which is the milk. To get milk in Minecraft, you’ll need to get cows first, and you can find them generally in all biomes except snowy tundras and forested plateaus of badlands.

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In other Minecraft biomes, you’ll find cows that breed in groups of two or three in grass blocks at light level 9, and once you find some, you can lure them with wheat or a leash. After collecting cows, take three iron cubes and right click on the cow with the cube equipped. Once you right click on the cow with the bucket in hand, you will get milk from the cow.

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Cake for the festive occasion

Therefore, the cake is suitable both as a rest meal in the mine shaft and to share with your friends. If you are looking for a decorative light source or just to celebrate a special occasion, you can also place a candle on top of a layered cake and light it. The Cave & Cliffs update, for example, would be an opportunity to try out the cake recipe!

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Baking a cake grants you the achievement “The Lie”, which is an allusion to the classic game “Portal”. In Minecraft, however, cake is not a death trap, but rather the fastest way to eat in the game.

How to Get Eggs

However, eggs cannot be laid alone by chickens , foxes sometimes carry eggs as well. A chicken will lay an egg every 5-10 minutes, so spend some time with a chicken if you must.

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You have a low (4.1%) chance of finding 1 cake in a buried treasure chest. Also, sometimes you can find an expert level village farmer who will trade you 1 cake for 1 emerald.


You will need at least 9 irons to make 3 buckets and easy access to the cows. Right-click to fill your bucket with milk the same way you would with water or lava.

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Once you have all these ingredients, you can make the cake. You’ll still have the cubes after crafting, so you can reuse them if you want to make more. You won’t waste your iron.



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