How to get concrete in Minecraft

To get fully formed concrete blocks, you will need to put concrete powder in water. When you place a block of concrete dust in water, the block of water is absorbed by the concrete dust. This way you combine the two main ingredients, without using a workbench.

Concrete dust acts like sand and gravel in that it is affected by gravity in the same way. However, the finished concrete blocks act like stone and other fixed blocks. As such, shovels are better for extracting dust from concrete and pickaxes are better for concrete.

How to make black concrete powder in Minecraft

You can make black concrete by following the same method mentioned above. It only differs in color, which in this case is black.

Minecraft Concrete Making FAQ

  • Does flowing water work to make concrete? Yes. If the powder is placed next to flowing water, it will turn into concrete.
  • What tool should I use to undermine or break concrete? A pick must be used, otherwise the cinder block will not fall. For dust, a shovel can be used.
  • How to prevent concrete dust from falling? Dust follows the same gravity mechanism as sand or gravel, which means it will fall when there are no blocks underneath. You will need to put something under the powder to prevent it from falling off.

Gather sand and gravel

Two essential ingredients needed to make white/colored concrete are sand and gravel. You can find sand near beaches and many lakes or ponds. On the other hand, gravel is almost everywhere when you dig. The mountains are an excellent source.

This one can be pretty self-explanatory, but find a cube in the village chests or craft one of three iron ingots in a “V” shape on a crafting table. Fill it with water by right-clicking (or pressing the equivalent button on the gamepad) on a non-running water source (tap water on PE). The water should be calm (NOT sinking), like a pond or lake at the beach. Water is needed to turn concrete powder into solid concrete.

Step 2: Make Powdered Concrete

To get started, we need to create powdered concrete. Concrete Dust can be crafted on a crafting table using four sand blocks, four gravel blocks, and one dye of any color. Unlike most crafting recipes, Concrete Powder can be crafted by placing each component on one of nine squares in any order. Below is just one example!



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