Kaneshiro Codes – Complete List

Life is usually quite unfair to people. Many times it takes more than it gives and in others, the illegal actions end up balancing the arm of justice. A clear example of this is the idea of ?? Kaneshiro where we will be a kind of Robin Hood. To make your task easier, HDGamers brings you all the Kaneshiro codes .

Valid and active Kaneshiro codes

First of all, when we talk about Kaneshiro codes , we mention a few tricks that will allow you to open locked doors. Especially when you approach the offices where money is laundered in the palace of Kaneshiro and you need to dodge hidden cameras and traps. It is an area of ??the game where you will appreciate having these tricks at hand.

Here are the codes that stay active in the game.

  • 0102: PIN # 1: RICH
  • 0931: PIN # 2: REAP
  • 2319: PIN # 3: HUGE
  • 1841: PIN # 4: GOLD
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Expired Kaneshiro Codes

Fortunately for aspiring white-gloved thieves or night watchman. All codes are still in operation today. So you still have a chance to hone your heist techniques and become the best of night walkers.

How to redeem Kaneshiro codes

To redeem Kaneshiro codes , just go to one of the access terminals. Then, a numerical panel will open where you will have to enter the correct combination to open the door or activate the device in question.

Next, we leave you with a short video that illustrates the procedure and the usefulness of these tricks when it comes to exploring the whole world of Kaneshiro’s palace and getting out of it alive.

Now that you know all the tricks and secrets of Kaneshiro’s codes , all you have to do is enter and test all your skills of espionage and puzzle solving in a game that will make you fall in love from the first moment.

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