Summertime Saga Walkthrough: Debbie’s Route

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Having Summertime Saga Walkthrough is a valuable help, especially if we have Consider the large number of factors and decisions that we must make throughout each story.

This is why in HDGamers we wanted to help you with this guide of the Debbie Route in Summertime Saga, so that you achieve all your goals without any problem. You want to know more? Then you have all the information you need.

Requirements to unlock the Debbie Path

  • 5 Charisma Points
  • 150 Dollars

Summertime Saga Guide – Debbie

  • Go down the stairs and listen to Debbie talk about her money problems.
  • The next day go down again and help her with the grass. When you’re done, take your dirty clothes to wash in the basement.
  • The next day you will have to open the door to a man. After that, rest and meet Mrs. Johnson and Debbie outside.
  • The next day find Debbie at the entrance and fix the shower. Close the valve in the basement, buy a wrench and finish the job.
  • The next day you’ll have to spy on Debbie in the shower.
  • The next day he helps Debbie with the vacuum cleaner. The next morning with the dishes in the kitchen and the next day with the clothes in the basement. Give him a massage with the lotion he has on the furniture.

End of the Debbie Route

  • Enter Debbie’s room, look in her underwear and play in bed. At night, watch TV and give it another massage.
  • The next day accompany her to the mall. Offer her a necklace and go with her in the dressing room to kiss you.
  • Wait the next day and go down to the kitchen to teach you how to kiss.
  • The next day spy on her in the shower.
  • The next day go to the car dealership and pay for the insurance.
  • The next day he interacts with Debbie’s underwear, and when I asked him, tell him you like it.
  • The next day, leave home and protect Debbie.
  • Spy on Debbie talking to Diane in the kitchen.
  • The next day go to the pool and bring a towel to Debbie.
  • The next day read the note on your computer, go down to the basement with your clothes and enjoy.

We hope that this article has been to your liking and that you will get all the necessary information to successfully complete the Debbie route in Summertime Saga. Remember that you can find all the answers you are looking for in our main article of Summertime Saga Walkthrough.

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