Terra Invicta: How to Get Resources?

Terra Invicta how to get resources guide

Terra Invicta how to get resources guide

In the grand strategy game Terra Invicta, resources play a vital role in the success of your colony. As the leader of a group of humans in a future where extraterrestrial life exists, it is up to you to manage your resources efficiently to ensure your colony’s survival and progress. With different types of resources available, including energy, minerals, food, and research, generating and managing them can be challenging. In this guide, we will explore the different types of resources available in Terra Invicta, how to obtain and manage them, and strategies for efficient resource acquisition. 

Understanding the Importance of Resources in Terra Invicta

Resources are vital to the survival and progress of your colony in Terra Invicta. They are required to power structures and vehicles, sustain the population, and develop new technologies. Without resources, your colony will struggle to expand and face potential threats from rival factions or alien forces. Understanding the importance of each resource type, and how to generate and manage them efficiently, is crucial to your success in Terra Invicta. Focusing on resource production and management should be a top priority in the early stages of the game, as it lays the foundation for your colony’s future growth and stability.

Types of Resources in Terra Invicta and Their Uses

There are several types of resources available in Terra Invicta, and understanding what each resource does is essential to obtaining it. The different types of resources include:

  • Energy: This resource is used to power most of the buildings and vehicles in Terra Invicta.
  • Minerals: Minerals are used to build structures, vehicles, and equipment.
  • Food: Food is needed to sustain the population of Terra Invicta.
  • Research: This resource is used to develop new technologies and improve existing ones.

Resource Production Buildings in Terra Invicta

The most efficient way to obtain resources in Terra Invicta is through resource production buildings. These buildings can be constructed in your colony and can be used to generate the resources needed to progress through the game. The different resource production buildings include:

  • Power Plants: These buildings generate energy and are essential for powering most structures and vehicles.
  • Mines: Mines produce minerals, which are used to build structures, vehicles, and equipment.
  • Farms: Farms produce food, which is needed to sustain the population of Terra Invicta.
  • Laboratories: Laboratories generate research, which is essential for developing new technologies and improving existing ones.

Prioritizing Resource Management in Terra Invicta

Once you have generated resources, it is essential to manage them efficiently to ensure that your colony continues to thrive. There are several strategies you can employ to manage your resources effectively:

  • Prioritize Resource Production: Focus on building resource production buildings early on in the game to ensure that you have a steady supply of resources.
  • Use Your Resources Wisely: Make sure to use your resources wisely, only spending them on structures and vehicles that are essential for your colony’s survival.
  • Manage Your Population: Manage your population carefully to ensure that you have enough food to sustain them. Make sure to build enough farms to support your population and limit population growth if necessary.
  • Research Efficiently: Focus on researching technologies that will improve your resource production, making your colony more self-sufficient.

Resource Acquisition Strategies

Sometimes, you may need to acquire resources quickly to overcome a particular challenge. Here are some strategies you can use to obtain resources quickly:

  • Trade: You can trade with other factions to obtain the resources you need. Make sure to have a surplus of resources that the other faction needs to make the trade favorable for both parties.
  • Scavenging: You can send out scavenging parties to explore the surrounding area for resources. Make sure to equip them with enough supplies to ensure their survival.
  • Conquest: Conquering other factions’ territories can provide you with a new resource production building, which can help improve your resource production.


In Terra Invicta, obtaining resources is essential to ensuring the survival of your colony. Understanding the different types of resources and how to generate them efficiently is key to success. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you can ensure that your colony thrives and overcomes any challenge that comes its way.

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