What to Buy First with Your Gold in Diablo 4

Diablo 4

It’s not just newcomers who wonder how to spend diablo 4 gold. This is an important question that should be studied in the early stages of the game, so as not to waste your gold without improving the quality of the game for yourself. Especially for you we have collected 5 main items that you should spend gold on to make the game more enjoyable and interesting.


Gems can not only give a boost to players, but also become a good contribution to the further game. They can be obtained by killing enemies and completing quests, and they can also be improved if you ask for help from the Jeweler. However, do not be in a hurry, because for beginners this option of using gems can be very costly, because their improvement consumes gold. At the very beginning, the player can use the services of the Jeweler in order to extract gems from the nests. Later on, when the player gets good equipment and good weapons, he can improve and process gems to add abilities to his equipment, but at the initial stages it is worth buying and collecting them.


Elixirs, like gems, give players boosts and help with backstabbing. They are consumed very quickly, and to create them you need to pay for the help of an alchemist. This is quite a useful investment in the early stages of the game, as many players may have difficulty with some quests where the extra power from elixirs would not hurt. It is very important to study what you need, what criteria you need to improve to ensure your victory. You also need to pay attention to resources when traveling, as many items can come in handy when creating elixirs.

Health Potion

Health Potions are also a very important attribute for every player, because at a critical moment of battle they can be very useful. The player can have a total of 4 potions, which can be chosen independently. To improve the game experience, they are very important and basically useful during the game. You can also buy them from alchemists, there you can also find special improvements for potions to make them better. By the way, they do not cost much gold, so it is a very reasonable expenditure, especially if you remember the benefits of health potions. In addition, the player can decide which potions he wants to use or purchase. So if you approach it wisely, you can use all 4 potions properly.


In Diablo 4 the equipment is always of high quality and can serve the player for a very long time. However, you should not neglect repairs because of this. The deterioration of weapons after battles can make the game too difficult especially for beginners. This is why it is important to check, repair or change your weapons and equipment. It is important to remember that the quality of your attributes also determines the quality of the game as well as its difficulty. Enemies can be too strong and it can be very difficult for beginners to win, especially with low quality weapons. It may seem that repairs are not worth their money, but after all, there is nothing more valuable in the game than the experience of passing. So be careful with your equipment and don’t spare any gold for repairing and upgrading it.


The most important thing in the game is the weapon. Of course, improving it is the first thing players think about. But don’t rush to run to the blacksmith and improve what you have. If you are at the very beginning of the game path and your equipment changes frequently, you don’t need to improve every sword, axe and so on. The right thing to do is to focus on increasing your rank and improving your status. After all, at higher levels you will already have high-quality and powerful weapons, which will be worth spending gold to improve them. Besides, it is better to focus on one thing rather than wasting resources. In the beginning you can choose the weapon that suits you best and improve it to make it easier to pass and fight enemies, and as you level up you will acquire something that is worth spending more gold on.

The quality of the game directly depends on how you allocate resources. Therefore, it is important to know which items will help you get through the game and defeat your enemies. Of course, even in order to get a new elixir, potion or gem you need to perform some tasks or find some items that are part of the same potion or elixir, but the gold players spend mostly on their production. So you need to approach this issue carefully. Every player wants to get only the best equipment, and to do this, you need to properly distribute your gold and spend it that way. 


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