What you need to do to quickly get to level 25 in the Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft

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Starting in December, developers from Blizzard invited all World of Warcraft classic fans to play the season system, which is called Season of Discovery and offers gamers a series of content that will be updated every few months and offer new stages in the development of characters, classes and continue SoD boosting from 25 up to level 40 and then up to level 60.

For players who have not yet encountered the classic version.

WoW Classic is a restart of long-forgotten, but very popular updates from those times when World of Warcraft was a hardcore world with constant PVP, slow leveling and difficult in terms of obtaining resources and equipment for developing heroes.

Many players liked this format, but gradually, due to the development of the MMO RPG genre and the desire to introduce something new and attract new players, Blizzard began to take steps towards the arcade. This means that leveling is accelerated, many mechanics are simplified or become more understandable, and most importantly, the world of WoW itself becomes more pleasant for beginners, which attracts new players, but repels old ones.

The reason is also that many mechanics that required effort became simpler and those heroes who spent a month getting an item began to see how others received them in a day, and similar ideas from developers began to lead to the fact that some players began to leave the Azeroth servers.

Only recently did the developers decide to experiment, during which they launched two versions of Warcraft – the main one, with the current version of Dragonflight, and the classic one – Wrath of the Lich King, which continued its development path within the seasons called Season of Discovery.

To quickly and efficiently progress in levels for the hardcore version of World of Warcraft, you need to follow the following rules.

Quest System

Quest system

In all MMO RPGs, quests play an important role – this is a system of orders, which, on the one hand, is needed for stable boosting in SoD, and on the other, allows developers to systematically teach players the basic mechanics, gradually increasing the level of difficulty so that gamers master the project, and not just wandered around locations without a trace and beat monsters.

You will learn about the main skills of your class, receive basic equipment, and gradually get acquainted with more complex content in World of Warcraft.

Quests are divided into main ones – plot and important for the game story, often they bring the most rewards and benefits for leveling SoD and secondary ones. The second is the type of tasks with which Azeroth is oversaturated, and you can read the conditions and the offered reward in order to decide for yourself whether such tasks are worth taking on.

It is better to combine tasks and quests – you simply collect all the tasks that can be completed in the same location as the main ones and go there and start hunting monsters until all of the selected tasks are completed. Then you just continue grinding, or return to the city and turn in all the quests to get your well-deserved reward.


You can completely focus on regular hunting for monsters that suit your character level.

This is not difficult to understand – the monsters must be 3–5 levels higher than the player in level, and then when grinding there will be a maximum increase in levels in Season of Discovery and a high chance of receiving valuable resources and drops as a full reward – for example, weapons.

The most profitable type of pumping is group.

Yes, during a solo hunt you do not share experience and rewards with anyone, and you regulate the pace and time of the game session yourself, but the group will always outpace the individual in terms of the pace of hero development.

The group will divide the amount of experience and gold among themselves, but in one hour such a squad will kill many more monsters than individuals, and even the divided experience values ​​will be much more profitable than if they farmed alone all this time.

Grinding is a good addition to the quest system for singles. You simply take all possible tasks, including story ones, and simply complete them in one location and after completion, do not immediately fly to the city, but continue farming until you outgrow this territory, or do not fill your inventory, which requires you to return to the city to unload at the warehouse and trading area.


The raid system is a dungeon filled with dangerous bosses and monsters, by destroying which players can receive a boost in the Season of Discovery and rare rewards and items of equipment and weapons, many of which cannot be obtained in any other way.

You need to form the right group, or be able to identify those that gather without you.

It should have a tank, or a strong warrior – as the main characters, who will hold the boss on themselves, preventing him from attacking targets weaker in terms of armor.

A warrior will also be able to inflict great damage, but it is better to have both a full-fledged tank and a warrior in the group as one of the strongest sources of physical damage with a regular acceleration of strength due to limit skills.

You can take a magician into the group, but you should not recruit more than one representative. Magical characters are excellent at destroying the boss’s retinue and leveling up in locations, but they cannot inflict significant damage on the boss.

The boss is damaged by physical attacks and negative skills; all other heroes can also find their use, but the main thing is not to overdo it.

It is important that the group has a buffer and a healer.

All raid participants should be strengthened to the maximum extent possible, and the healer will provide stable farming, salvation, or resurrection in critical conditions and the removal of negative effects of varying strengths.

Raids require a lot of time and effort, but as a reward, players receive a good amount of experience and random items from the boss drop list. This will help you get to level 25 in the Season of Discovery for World of Warcraft Classic.

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