Step into the enchanting world of Esperia, where adventure and peril intertwine to create a captivating journey in the AFK Arena. In this vast realm, legendary heroes and powerful foes await your command as you embark on a quest to conquer the challenges that lie ahead. Among the trials you will face, two mighty adversaries stand tall: Wrizz, the Burning Brute, and Soren, the Arcane Sage. These formidable bosses demand not only courage but also wit and strategic prowess to be defeated. Here we shall uncover the secrets of assembling the best Wrizz and Soren teams, ensuring you wield the power to triumph over these formidable foes and seize the abundant rewards. So, prepare your heroes, sharpen your tactics, and prepare to face the ultimate test of skill and strength in this thrilling AFK Arena Team Hunting Guide.

What are Wrizz and Soren?

Wrizz and Soren are two formidable bosses in the popular mobile game AFK Arena. Wrizz, known as the Burning Brute. It is a powerful damage-focused boss known for his fiery attacks that can decimate unprepared teams. Soren, on the other hand, is the Arcane Sage, wielding formidable magic and providing a unique challenge with his minions. These bosses appear in the Twisted Realm, a special game mode where players must work together to deal maximum damage within limited time periods. Defeating Wrizz and Soren requires careful team composition, strategic planning, and coordination to overcome their relentless assaults and emerge victorious. Players who successfully conquer these mighty foes can earn valuable rewards, making the encounter both challenging and rewarding.

Best Heroes for Wrizz and Soren

  • Grezhul – The Tomb Guardian: As a frontline tank, Grezhul’s survivability is exceptional, and his ultimate ability summons fearsome minions to aid in battle. These minions can distract Wrizz and Soren, allowing your damage dealers more time to strike.
  • Ezizh – The Soul Eater: His crowd control abilities are invaluable, especially against Wrizz. Ezizh’s ultimate ability, Devour, stuns Wrizz, preventing his powerful fire attacks for a brief period, giving your team an edge.
  • Eironn – The Stormsword: Eironn’s powerful AoE abilities make him a superb choice against both bosses. His Whirlwind attack deals massive damage, while his ultimate ability can control Soren’s minions, turning them against their master.
  • Safiya – The Sorceress of the Grave: Safiya’s high burst damage and AoE capabilities make her a lethal addition to any team. Her ultimate ability, Flame Quake, can inflict devastating damage to both Wrizz and Soren.

Synergistic Teams for Wrizz and Soren

The Elemental Advantage Team

    • Eironn (Frontline)
    • Safiya
    • Lyca – The Keeper of Glades
    • Tasi – The Dreamhopper
    • Nemora – The Nature’s Grace

This team capitalizes on elemental advantages. Eironn and Safiya provide exceptional damage output, while Lyca’s haste buff boosts the entire team’s attack speed, maximizing damage dealt. Tasi and Nemora offer crowd control and healing, ensuring your team’s survival against Wrizz and Soren’s relentless onslaughts.

The Undead Horde Team

    • Grezhul (Frontline)
    • Ezizh
    • Shemira – The Corpsemaker
    • Ferael – The Doomwhisperer
    • Thoran – The Fallen King

This team harnesses the power of the undead, and Grezhul’s summoned minions can distract Wrizz and Soren while the backline focuses on dealing damage. Ezizh’s control abilities can stun Wrizz, providing crucial windows for damage dealers to shine. Shemira, Ferael, and Thoran offer a mix of AoE damage, crowd control, and survivability.

Team Building Tips

  • Artifact and Gear Optimization: Equip your heroes with artifacts and gear that amplify their strengths and complement their roles. Prioritize gear with damage boosts and survivability for maximum efficiency.
  • Ascend and Level Up Your Heroes: Regularly ascend and level up your chosen heroes to increase their power and unlock more potent abilities.
  • Signature Items and Furniture: Focus on upgrading your heroes’ signature items and obtaining essential furniture to enhance their effectiveness in combat.
  • Guild Support and Mercenaries: Collaborate with your guild to receive valuable support and make use of powerful mercenaries to bolster your teams’ strength.


As you venture forth to challenge Wrizz and Soren in AFK Arena, remember the key to victory lies in assembling well-structured teams with synergistic abilities. The Elemental Advantage Team and the Undead Horde Team are just a few examples of powerful combinations that can help you overcome these formidable foes. Experiment with different setups and hero combinations to find the one that best suits your playstyle. Embrace the challenge, optimize your heroes, and bask in the glory of victory as you secure triumph against Wrizz and Soren. 

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