Five Things You Didn’t Know About GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto has been thrilling video game players for about a decade. The GTA V Online comes with more action to earn you cash on the crime-infested streets of Los Santos. Have you discovered the secrets of multiplying your in-game currency earnings yet? The title offers players many ways to make massive cash to keep their character loaded for the best action and adventure. In this post, we shall consider five things you didn’t know about GTA Online that can boost your gameplay.

Make Bucks in the Diamond Casino

The Diamond Casino is another feature GTA players have waited long enough to experience. Locate it on the corner of Los Santos’ Vinewood Boulevard and Park Drive. Here, gamers enjoy the luxury of penthouses, rooftop pools, and VIP gambling rooms. The GTA casino features almost all options found in real-life. You can find these selections in penny slots Canada as well. You can enjoy classic Roulette, Blackjack, Horse Racing, and the Lucky Wheel.

Players must register for membership in the casino. Your level determines the benefits you enjoy. New enthusiasts can start by purchasing a Basic tier which qualifies members for one daily free spin on the lucky wheel. It doles out prizes such as cash, chips, cars, discounts, costumes, and mystery rewards. The RTP on GTA Online casino games has not been well-known. However, you can play slots of confirmed and established RTP on casinos with no account to try out different options. There’s absolutely no need for signup.

Employ Mercenaries to Catch Hiding Snipers

As you complete missions and make enemies in the hood, you need to be wary of rival gang attacks. Are you worried snipers may be lurking around your residence? All you have to do is to hire mercenaries to help locate and take them out. For some of your cash, GTA Online allows you to employ good trackers to help you find enemy positions and eliminate the threat. All you have to do is sit down, watch the TV screen and see how your motivated mercenaries do their jobs. It may surprise you to find enemies lurking in the most unlikely places around your residence. This feature can help you take out other players who have planned a secret assassination for your character.

Enjoy a Train Ride

Aside from hijacking cars and driving yourself all the way, there are other fun ways to move around the crime city. New players often try to accumulate cash to buy fancy cars, boats, and planes. However, moving around can be more fun if you catch a ride on San Andreas trams or trains.

By hopping into it, you can rely on the driver to take you to your destination. Use the time for the journey to ease off from the keyboard or controller. You may want to grab a coffee or attend to something at the moment. The ride allows you so much luxury. Getting on the train is as simple as moving close to the tracks and hopping in as it passes by you. Since the rail system runs around the city, you can choose to tour by train and catch some juicy bonuses on the way.

Turn into An Animal

You might have already built some animalistic survival instincts in your persona. However, changing to a real one takes your character’s savagery to a higher level. Did you enjoy GTA 5’s single-player? If yes, you should have encountered the peyote plants, which cause hallucinations that you change into an animal. They are present in GTA Online, and their effects are more realistic when you use them in this game.

The peyote plant is like a cactus that has a flower on it. Pick them up as you run errands and complete missions. You can use them immediately to change into a random animal for enhanced brutality. It is up to the game to determine what you become. However, the cool options include stags and poodles. Other players will see your animal form as you roam the streets.

Your controller will vibrate when you locate a peyote plant, and you will hear the sound of the animal you are changing into. You can use this form to go on a rampage until it is killed or simply tap the right D-pad to conclude the riot.

Enjoy Entire in-game Movies

GTA Online took cinematics to a greater level as it offered players a feeling of being in the theater. Many gamers never take the time to check what the cinema offers. Why not see for yourself? Invite your friends to see some of Rockstar’s in-game movies. Locate any of the cinemas or theaters on the map, and you can choose which movie to watch.

GTA Online is packed full of appealing features that you will take time to discover. There’s so much more out there, from alien tattoos to unlocking high-power characters. You want to keep pushing to get the best advantage over many other players. 

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