Pokémon Arceus: How to trade Pokémon with friends?

One of the most important things to learn is how to trade Pokemon on Arceus.

In this way we can become much more powerful characters. Some that will be able to reach their maximum expression quickly and help us in our adventure.

How to change Pokémon in Arceus

  • First of all, we need to go to a trading post.
  • Once there, locate Simona, the person in charge of the place.
  • Talk to her and wait for all the dialogue to finish. Only then will you access the trading option.
  • When this is done, the I want to trade Pokémon option will appear.
  • When entering this option, you will see a divided window where you will have the following cases:

Someone nearby

  • This option will allow you to trade a Pokémon with a person who is physically close to you. To be more specific, less than 100 meters away.
  • By ensuring that this condition occurs, you will be able to complete the process.

Someone far away

In the event that you are not close to another person to exchange a character, you will have to access this option. This can only be effective if you meet the following requirements.

  • You must have a stable internet connection.
  • Both people must have a Nintendo Switch Online account. Go to this link to learn how to get it.

Regardless of which case you use, the process continues in this way.

  • You introduce the Pokémon you want to trade.
  • You wait for the other person to do the same.
  • They give the exchange button.
  • They wait for confirmation.
  • Finally, check that your new friend is in the inventory.

Intercambiar pokémon con amigos

How to activate shops and trade in Pokémon Arceus

So far everything is really simple; however, to be able to access this option you have to meet a single requirement. This is to complete the second Quest in the game.

By finishing this quest, you will be able to unlock the trade option and the rest of the NPC features in the game. As you will see, it is one of the most important challenges in the game so far.

In this way, you already know how to exchange a Pokémon  so all that remains is to go out and enjoy this great adventure.

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