What is the best Starter Pokémon in Arceus?

Pokémon Arceus has arrived, as is often the case with the franchise’s video games, one of the first questions players have is knowing which starter they should choose for their adventures. Here we tell you what your alternatives are and what advantages each one offers you in the gaming experience.

Starter Pokémon List – Pokémon Arceus

Pokemon Advantages Disadvantages
Cyndaquil It has high base stats in its late evolutionary stages.

It has the highest speed stat of the three.

It has the worst performance against noble Pokémon.
Rowlet It has a good matchup against noble Pokémon. He doesn’t stand out in attack or defense.

It has the worst speed stat of the three.

Oshawott It has balanced stats.

It has the best performance against noble Pokémon.

Lowest base stats.

Final evolutions in Pokémon Arceus

Although most players already know these Pokémon and their respective evolutions, in Pokémon Arceus you will be able to find a new final form for each of them.

  • Cyndaquil evolves into Typhlosion Hisui
  • Oshawott evolves into Samurott Hisui
  • Rowlet evolves into Decidueye Hisui

To end this article, we have to give you the bad news that starter Pokémon cannot be Shiny.

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