Frenzied Nobles Location – List of Bosses in Pokémon Arceus

One of the most important aspects of games like Legends of Pokémon Arceus is the fight against the supreme leaders. That is why today we will introduce you to the Bosses in Pokémon Arceus.

In addition to this, we will tell you where you can easily find them. Just consider that facing them will require a certain level, so don’t go in the early stages of the game.

Furious Nobles in Pokémon Arceus

Considering this last idea, below we will show you the name of the six bosses that we will find in the new Pokémon game.

  • Kleavor
  • Liligant Hisui
  • Arcanina Hisui
  • Hisui Electrode
  • Avalugg Hisui
  • Dialga / Palkia

Furious Nobles - Pokémon Arceus

Where to find each Pokemon Arceus boss

Now that we know who will be in charge of hindering the creation of the alliance between humans and Pokémon, we have to discover where we can find them to make them see reason.

Boss Region
Kleavor Obsidian Meadow
Hisuian Liligant Crimson Pantanal
Arcanina Hisuiana Cobalt Shores
Hisuian electrode Coronet Highlands
Avalugg Hisuiano Icelandic Alabaster
Dialga / Palkia Coronet Highlands

It is worth noting that many of them, like Kleavor for example, are found in areas rich in stellar crystals.

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On the other hand, if you want to do a little exploring before you get into these areas, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to opt to use the first person approach mode. You accomplish this by holding down the ZL button on your Nintendo Switch.

With that being said, you already know the name and location of all the Arceus Pokemon bosses. So it only remains for us to explore all the regions of the map with the greatest safety and show them that humans and Pokémon can live in harmony.

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