How to get Peat Block in Pokémon Arceus

The Peat Block is one of the many novelties that we can find in Pokémon Arceus. We know that the new Nintendo title will keep you busy looking for answers to the new dynamics, so here we will answer your questions quickly and easily.

What is the Peat Block for?

The Peat Block will allow you to evolve Ursaring into Ursaluna.

How to get the Peat Block

  • Finding objects with Ursaluna (It is one of the possible items that can be found using the Ursaluna Sniff Pokémonture in the Crimson Mirelands)
  • Breaking ores

As we already anticipated, there are two methods by which you can find this object in the vast world of Pokémon Arceus. The first one will be to mount you in Ursaluna and look for the buried objects that this companion can detect. There is a chance that when unearthing a treasure, it will be the Peat Block.

On the other hand, there is also a slightly lower chance that you can get this item by destroying the mining ores. You know, the ones that are like the ones that let you get the pebbles, but they have a metallic look and they move. Remember to be careful, as clashes with Geodude or Graveler can sometimes break out here.

We hope we have helped you!

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