The Enigmatic Journey of ‘The Day Before’


A Disastrous Debut


When FNTASTIC first unveiled ‘The Day Before’ on January 29, 2021, the gaming world was abuzz with anticipation. The five-minute trailer promised an immersive experience blending high-quality graphics, seamless gameplay, and an interactive open world. It was a potential fusion of hits like ‘The Division’ by Ubisoft and ‘The Last of Us’, a PlayStation sensation. The subsequent months heightened this excitement with impressive trailers and ambitious claims from the developers, Eduard and Aysen Gotovtsev. They envisioned a game that would revolutionize the MMO survival genre, moving beyond the sandbox model and introducing refined game mechanics and goals.

However, the path to release was fraught with delays and controversy. Initially scheduled for 2022, the game’s launch was first postponed to embrace Unreal Engine 5’s capabilities, promising an even more captivating gaming experience. This shift, while initially well-received, soon revealed cracks in the developer’s facade. Questions about FNTASTIC’s volunteer-based workforce and lack of substantive updates started eroding the trust of an eager fanbase.



Mounting concerns for ‘The Day Before’ have significantly impacted the community’s perception of the game. Initially hailed as a highly anticipated title, the repeated failure to meet launch deadlines has cast a shadow of doubt among fans and critics alike. The situation worsened when allegations of deceptive practices emerged, questioning the integrity of the development process and the authenticity of the progress updates provided. The skepticism reached new heights with the emergence of a trademark dispute, which not only resulted in the removal of the game’s page from Steam, a major digital distribution service, but also caused another postponement of the release date, this time to November 2023. This series of events has left the community wary and uncertain about the future of the game, as the developers now face the challenge of restoring faith and proving that ‘The Day Before’ will indeed be a tangible and successful gaming experience.


An Underwhelming Reality


The release of ‘The Day Before’ was met with disappointment, as the reality fell short of the expectations set by its initial promise and promotional materials. Players who had been anticipating a rich, immersive survival experience encountered a game that seemed unfinished. The cityscape, which was meant to be bustling with danger and opportunity, turned out to be monotonous and uninspired, lacking the vibrancy and detail that were highlighted in pre-release trailers.

The game’s early access phase exposed a slew of technical and design issues that marred the experience. Performance problems, such as lag and frame rate drops, detracted from gameplay, and the user interface was criticized for being unintuitive. Multiplayer, a core aspect of the survival genre, was limited, preventing players from fully engaging with others in what was expected to be a shared struggle against the post-apocalyptic elements. Additionally, the survival mechanics that define the genre—such as resource gathering, crafting, and building—were either underdeveloped or missing entirely.

The PvP combat system, a feature many players look forward to in survival games for its thrill and challenge, was found to be unbalanced, with certain players gaining unfair advantages, leading to frustration rather than enjoyment. The game’s progression mechanics, which should reward players’ efforts and skill, were instead punishing, often setting players back significantly for minor setbacks. In summary, ‘The Day Before’ did not deliver on its survival game aspirations, leaving players longing for the rich and engaging experience they had been led to expect.


A Fleeting Experience


‘The Day Before’ encapsulates the abrupt and unanticipated end to a game that promised much but delivered little. FNTASTIC’s closure not only shocked players but also cut short any opportunity for the game to redeem itself or improve upon its initial reception. Those who were able to access the servers during their final hours found a ghost town – a digital world that was about to vanish, amplifying the sense of loss and bewilderment. The unanswered questions and the lack of closure left the gaming community reflecting on the volatility of the industry, where not all that glitters is gold, and even the most hyped projects can falter. This experience has become a cautionary benchmark for both players and developers, emphasizing the importance of transparency and stability in game development.


Final Thoughts

In retrospect, ‘The Day Before’ stands as a cautionary tale of unmet expectations and unfulfilled potential in the gaming industry. Its ambitious vision, marred by mismanagement and poor execution, ultimately led to its downfall, leaving behind a legacy of what could have been.

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The Review

The Day Before


  • Intriguing Concept: 'The Day Before' had an engaging premise that combined survival mechanics with MMO elements, set in a post-apocalyptic world.
  • Social Interaction: The promise of an MMO survival game brought the potential for rich player interaction and community building within the game world.


  • Failed Delivery: The game failed to deliver on many of its promises, leaving players with a product that didn't meet the expectations set by its marketing.
  • Technical Issues: Players reported numerous technical problems, including bugs, glitches, and performance issues that significantly hindered gameplay.
  • Unfinished Features: Many features that were advertised, such as complex survival elements and a balanced PvP system, were either missing or underdeveloped.
  • Support and Updates: With the closure of the studio, there was no further support or updates, meaning any existing issues remained unresolved.
  • Server Stability: Even in its brief operation, the game suffered from server stability issues that disrupted gameplay.
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