7 Niche Simulation PC Games and Play When Your Bored

7 Niche Simulation PC Games and Play When Your Bored

Sometimes you just want a game to escape the real world’s problems. After all, many gamers use gaming as an escape or an outlet; a way to de-stress when things get too much in life.

And for some people, the best games to relax are the ones that mimic or simulate the real world in whatever way works for them. There are some people who gravitate towards games that allow them to play a proverbial god and control a whole community; while there are some gamers who merely enjoy being able to simulate driving their favorite sports car.

And that’s why our friends from https://joystickgames.io have made a list of 7 Niche Simulation Games to Play When You’re Bored, all playable on your personal computer (PC). The best part is, that we’ve rounded up a fairly diverse selection of games to fit your particular mood or taste.

Without further ado, here are 7 simulation games you should definitely check out and try!

The Sims 4

Probably the most well-known simulation game ever, The Sims 4 pioneered the life simulation genre and has dominated it ever since. Giving players a chance to control people (called Sims), the game provides players with so much creative freedom, you’ll probably end your entire gameplay without ever being able to do it all.

From building your dream house to customizing how each person in your Sims looks and acts, there are simply no bounds or borders that can stop you from enjoying every minute of this game the way you want to.

PowerWash Simulator

For those people who find cleaning their car or tidying up their room relaxing, this is the perfect game for you! PowerWash Simulator places you as an owner and primary employee of a power-washing business where you’ll simply—power-wash.

Yes, it’s that simple. And perhaps, that itself is the main appeal of the simulator because it banks on the satisfaction that cleaning provides to the everyday person. You’ll be cleaning filth, dirt, and grime off a number of different vehicles and venues; use different tools for each task, and upgrade them as you go.

This is definitely a must-try, especially for gamers who are eager to wash their worries away!

Game Dev Tycoon

Now, this is probably a game that all gamers should try. Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulation game that places you in the shoes of an up-and-coming game developer back in the 80.

You start out with a small amount of money, no employees, and a few choices on what game to initially create and develop. Your goal now is to run a virtual game company and move your way up the industry itself!

Aside from its quirky concept, gamers should definitely check this game out if not just to have a deeper understanding of how the games of today were actually made.

Stardew Valley

There have been many farming simulators over the years and it’s not hard to see why they’re so successful. The satisfaction and joy of seeing your crops grow over time are enough to entice even the newest of gamers. But there’s something about Stardew Valley that really sets it apart from other farming games.

Maybe it’s the game’s overall personality or maybe it’s the intuitive and easy-to-understand farming mechanic that really rewards players for working hard to foster their crops. Whatever it is, Stardew Valley is a prime example of a game that really brings you into a world of its own. From finding treasures, to socializing with townspeople, Stardew is definitely less like a farming simulation and more like a backyard adventure!

Civilization VI

There’s a reason why there have been over six iterations of the Civilization franchise. There is simply no better game when it comes to allowing a player to form his or her own society or “civilization,” managing resources to maximize gain and building a world power in the most realistic way possible.

This game should absolutely be on your to-play list, even if you’re not a simulation fan at heart.

F1 22

If you’re a Formula One fanatic and you’re looking to get in the driver’s seat, F1 22 is simply the only way to go! Published by EA Sports, F1 22 holds the official license of Formula One, thereby providing players with the most authentic racing experience possible.

Featuring all your favorite drivers and an updated list of tracks to choose from, F1 22 is your go-to racing game to burn some asphalt and experience Formula One to the fullest.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Lastly, avid airline fans should rejoice because Microsoft Flight Simulator is still the kind of amateur flight simulation game and program out there!

Because the series and software have been running since 1982, the game has been polished beyond imagination and provides each player and prospective pilot the most accurate in-game flight experience one could ever have.

And there we go, 7 simulation games that you should definitely check out for the PC! For more of the latest gaming lists and guides, be sure to visit https://joystickgames.io, as articles are regularly updated and uploaded.

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