Top 5 Best Video Games With Black Main Characters

Top 5 Best Video Games With Black Main Characters

Are you single and keen on video games featuring black characters? Perhaps you’d also like to indulge in dating with black plus size single? Your first port of call should be registering with online dating service. To get an idea of the most recommended digital matching outlets, refer to online reviews of sites for BBW black dating. Assess which offers the best features for connecting with black BBW singles. The profiles will provide information about hobbies, such as gaming. Now all you have to do is sign up and start flirting with whichever one of the many singles would appear to be most compatible. To inspire your quest, how about a list of the five best games involving black protagonists?

Grand Theft Auto V

Less a video game, more a cultural phenomenon, GTA5 follows in the line of this massively successful gaming franchise. Set in a Californian metropolis based on LA, the attention to detail is fantastic, while characters can roam freely across the landscapes, getting into all sorts of exciting situations. One of the main protagonists is Franklin Clinton, an African-American youth from a humble background who is fostering dreams of making it big. The ‘good old days’ of the inner city street gangs that gave him an identity are long gone. Instead, he has become a repo man, surrounded by luxury cards symbolising unattainable wealth. Entering an unlikely friendship with a customer and ex-bank robber, he sees an opportunity to get back into his old, nefarious ways – and also make a lot of money. They begin planning a big jewellery heist.

Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation

The fourth in a series of spin-offs from the successful Assassin’s Creed games, the setting for the adventures is the Southern US state of Louisiana in the late 18th century. The war between the French settlers and the Native Americans who have lived on this land for centuries is over. But rival factions are moving in to try to gain control of the vibrant city. The black female character Aveline de Grandpre is one of the main protagonists, a lethal assassin portrayed by the actress Amber Goldfarb. Her main objective, to assist abused slaves in their fight for freedom, has been praised as a powerful message about historic opposition to the trans-Atlantic slave trade.


This first-person shooter game is another title perfect for any date night. Here, you take control of Colt Vahn, an African-American assassin who finds himself stuck in a time loop. He must eliminate eight targets before midnight on an island, Blackreef. Should he die before completing his task, he will return to the start of the loop. You can become inventive in working out the optimum methods for pursuing your mission, and choosing a variety of weapons. Stealth and close combat skills can also come in handy. This game will have you on the edge of your seat as you keep one eye on the targets, sometimes their guards, and the other on the fast-encroaching deadline.

Final Fantasy VII

This popular futuristic game stars Cloud Strife as a mercenary who joins a bunch of eco-terrorists. Their goal: countering a ruthless corporation who are exploiting the Earth’s life essence as a source of energy. One of the protagonists is Barrett Wallace, voiced by Beau Billingslea. Powerfully built, he is also the first black character in this series.

The Walking Dead

The world has succumbed to a zombie apocalypse, leading the surviving humans to band together to fight for survival. Tyreese is an African-American character who is also a leader in this hostile environment. When you operate him you’ll get into the adrenaline rush of him attacking his lethal enemies.

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