HotS Tier List
HotS Tier List

HotS Tier List | January 2022 (Complete List)


The battlefield cries out for new champions who are worth remembering as heroes. True legends that will show the storm, time and again, the power of willpower. If inside you feel capable of achieving it, let us help you with the HotS tier list .

It is our contribution to the birth of a legend. After all, heroes emerge when the darkest storm turns. Are you ready?

What should I know about the HotS tier list?

One of the objectives of HDGamers is to provide content that any gamer can enjoy and use. In this sense, we have decided to bring you a HotS tier list that can be very useful for all players.

It is worth remembering that a guide like this will show you which are the most powerful characters in the game within the most beneficial roles for them. In order to know which options are the ones that will favor you the most in the arena.

However, in games like Heroes of the Storm , the success of the fight will depend, to a large extent, on the experience you have in battle. Therefore, HDGamers brings you a HotS tier list that considers, precisely, the hours of play as well as the control of the characters.

HotS assassin builds

The HotS tier list to start

In this first sample of the HotS we will give you an overview of the characters that give life to this great game. In a way, we could consider it to be a dedicated guide for users who will take their first steps in the arenas of Heroes of de Storm .

It is also worth noting that our HotS tier list will be described in descending order. This means that we will go from the characters that show the greatest potential and strength in the game to the least complete. That said, we present this first part of our guide

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