Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes – (October 2023)

Let’s show your friends how good you are by using these map codes for the Fortnite 1v1 map. After the launch of creative mode, players started to play 1v1 and map builder started to create in-practice arenas during the game. The1V1 concept becomes very popular among the players prior to the first Worldcup of the Fortnite game to practice and win the prize. After that, the 1v1 maps are super popular and you can also use them to polish your game skills.

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Fortnite Battle Royale now has over 200 million monthly active users. It is one of the top 10 highest-grossing mobile games worldwide and has been downloaded over 1.7 billion times.

Our Fortnite 1v1 Map Codes List includes some of the top-level alternatives for gamers that wish to train for 1v1 situations. This map type is ideal for improving your performance in 1v1 (player-versus-player matches).

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Best Maps in Fortnite 1v1 Codes

To play Fortnite 1v1 in creative mode, you’d find the following maps the best ones. We have mentioned the code with each map.

  • Zero 1v1 – Map code 6232-4881-6009
  • BHE 1V1 – Map code 1832-1216-6109
  • Edit or Die – Map code 2810-6198-9330
  • Epic Arena FFA – Map code 1589-3033-2827
  • 1V1 Edit Course 12 Players – Map code 7146-3183-5381
  • Tilter Tower Zone War – Floor is Lava – Map code 7082-9032-6527
  • Finest’s realistic 1v1 Leagues – Map code 7950-6306-4857
  • The Nophear Buildfight Boxing – Map code 4074-6828-9385
  • 0 Ping 1v1 Map (0 delay) – Map code 7175-5540-7019
  • Edit Wars – Map code 7312-2850-9491
  • Fortnite 0G S4 Map Playground – Map code 1157-3541-0547
  • Pros Headshot – Map code 2544-1155-6548
  • Infinity 90S 1v1 Build Fight – Map code 4692-1187-8816
  • World’s end Alien Invasion – Map code 9441-1136-3750
  • Clean 1V1 Build Fights – Map code 0433-2045-6789
  • Gun Game Seashore Resort – Map code 1322-5678-1260
  • Tact’s Mini BR Inaba Season 2.5 – Map code 9318-3634-2639
  • Red Vs Blue 0G Dusty Depot – Map code 6493-7214-4458
  • TikTok 1v1 – Map code 8771-5872-3532
  • The Dropzone Red Vs Blue 8v8 – Map code 2317-7436-1519
  • 0 Ping 1v1 Map – Map code 5074-1736-3072
  • Nophear HUB 1v1 Buildfight & More – Map code 0787-9348-6238
  • Orange vs Blue 100 XL Go Goated – Map code 5344-9537-8438
  • Red vs Blue Xs – Map code 8741-7457-7436
  • Tsar’s Realistic 1v1 – Map code 8722-5489-4768
  • 1v1 Ultimate Training Battle – Map code0566-7238-1470
  • G6T 1v1 High FPS + Less Delay – Map code 5872-7302-0536
  • Musical 1v1 – Map code 2463-5557-5822
  • Advanced Portal 1v1 Map/FFA – Map code0645-0478-4359
  • 1v1 Four Worlds Race – Map code2777-7005-1170
  • Rainbow Castle FFA – Map code2698-5405-7096
  • Sniper One Shot – Map code6103-8566-5742
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You’re in luck if you enjoy battle royale games like Fortnite and 1v1. There are plenty of games you can play in Fortnite’s creative mode that are completely independent of the main game beyond sharing aesthetics and resources. These games have unique maps and game modes.



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