Jump Clicker Codes

Jump Clicker Codes

Jump Clicker Codes

Welcome to Jump Clicker, where you can test your Roblox avatar’s leg strength. Gather clicks to jump as high as possible and cross multiple checkpoints before gravity pulls you back down. It’s an exciting race for those unafraid of heights.

You have to redeem codes to earn Stars in Jump Clicker. You can use Stars for speed boosts, allowing you to reach more checkpoints and maintain momentum. These boosts come in easily during your initial attempts on the jump course, you can enhance your jumping power. Now, you can go forward, collect clicks, and conquer the skies in this exhilarating Roblox experience.

Update Roblox Jump Clicker Codes

We update Jump Clicker codes daily, so you don’t have to search for them yourself. You need to keep an eye out for new codes, added during updates and milestones, to enhance your gaming experience. That is why, Stay tuned for the latest codes

Here is the list of the codes which are still active. You can use them. If some of the code expires, so you need to be quick. You will have to use the latest version of the game.

The new working Jump Clicker codes:

10K LIKES:  give 1000 Stars.

1K  LIKES:   give 100 Stars.

STARTER:  give 50 Stars.

COMMUNITY: This code gives us 50 Stars.

 Spooky start: give us a free ghost pumpkin Pet.

 Black cat: Free Halloween Pet.

 Silent night: This code gives us a unique darkened pumpkin Pet for the fall season. It was added on December 2nd.

You already know that you must enter codes exactly when they appear. You just receive the rewards. 

Feel free to play with the Jump clicker code and enjoy the game by upgrading your character and collecting Pets. 


How do I win Jump Clicker codes?

To win codes in Jump Clicker, follow these steps:

Open the game and start playing.

Look for the Codes button with the Twitter bird icon and click on it. This will open the code redemption window.

Copy and paste or type a valid code into the textbox labeled “Code.” It’s better to copy and paste to avoid mistakes.

Click the green CLAIM button to win the code and receive your free rewards.

What are Jump Clicker codes?

Jump Clicker codes are special codes given out by the game’s developer to celebrate events, updates, and achievements on Roblox. Players can enter these codes to receive free rewards in the game, such as Stars and Pets.

Where will I search for more codes for Jump Clicker?

The canvas discord server is the best place for finding jump clicker codes, and it is an official place. The member of the server is 13000. In this community hub, you can meet with other players. You can receive updates, sneak peeks, game announcements, and courses, etc., and update codes.


Jump clicker codes code are crucial in the game. So to make the game exciting, you need to collect the Jump clicker codes. As much as you collect the codes and use them, your journey in the game will be more exciting. 

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