“Panzer Dragoon II Zwei: A Sega Saturn Shoot-’em-up Masterpiece with Engaging Story and Gameplay Mechanics”

In-game screenshot of "Panzer Dragoon II Zwei", showcasing the player riding a dragon, firing at enemies over a vast desert landscape. The image captures the game's unique aesthetic with a surreal, cloudy sky above and a minimalist HUD displaying health and score. The dragon and rider are detailed, emphasizing the game's blend of fantasy elements with shoot-'em-up action, a hallmark of the Sega Saturn era's innovative graphics and gameplay.


Released in 1996 for the Sega Saturn, Panzer Dragoon II Zwei is a seminal addition to the esteemed Panzer Dragoon series. Developed by Team Andromeda and brought to audiences by Sega, this game is a standout in the shoot-’em-up genre. It is acclaimed for incorporating innovative abilities, dynamic game mechanics, and visually striking graphics, setting a high benchmark in the gaming world.


The game’s plot unfolds in a dystopian future, specifically in the Imperial Year 71, serving as a prequel to the original Panzer Dragoon. It introduces a world where humanity faces the looming threats of war, survival challenges, and the oppressive forces of imperialism. The narrative centers around Sestren, a mysterious ancient entity with the power to manipulate illusions and control minds. Sestren perceives humanity as a danger to the ecosystem and thus activates an ancient warship, intent on annihilating villages and targeting the Heresy Dragon.



Players in Panzer Dragoon II Zwei embark on a mission to thwart Sestren’s ominous plans using a variety of combat tactics, including firearms and dragon lasers. A notable feature of the game is the Berserk attack, an innovative addition that allows players to unleash a barrage of dragon lasers, simultaneously annihilating all enemies on screen and providing temporary invincibility. The game further enriches the player experience with branching level paths, the introduction of the Pandora’s Box menu, and an evolving dragon gameplay element.


The protagonist of this epic saga is Jean-Jacques Lundi, a character hailing from a village where people rely on pack animals known as coolias. In an act of defiance against village norms, Lundi secretly raises a dragon named Lagi, aspiring to soar the skies with his companion. Unbeknownst to him, Lagi is the prophesied Heresy Dragon, destined to liberate humanity from the tyranny of the Ancients, such as Sestren. The narrative takes a dramatic turn when Lundi’s village falls under attack from Shelcoof, a millennia-old warship deployed by Sestren. This pivotal event propels Lundi and Lagi on a quest to dismantle the warship and put an end to Sestren’s malevolent scheme.


Panzer Dragoon II Zwei is a critical part of the larger Panzer Dragoon universe, a celebrated dragon-rider series predominantly featuring rail-shooters, with the exception of the RPG Panzer Dragoon Saga. Fans of the series and newcomers alike can delve into this rich fantasy world by exploring other titles in the series, each offering a unique slice of this imaginative universe.


“Panzer Dragoon II Zwei Game Enhancements through Cheat Codes”


Panzer Dragoon II Zwei offers a variety of cheat codes that provide players with special advantages in the game. These codes can enhance your gameplay experience, offering benefits such as increased dragon flight speed and the activation of an advanced radar system. Discover the array of codes available to elevate your gaming experience below.

Effect Code
Self Destruct Press A + B + C + Left + Right
Enable X – Y Radar Press A on Controller 2
Speed Code On the Title Screen, press Left + Right + Left + Right + Up + Down + Up + Down to double your speed
Clean Pause Press PAUSE then X + Y + Z
Enable ADEC System In the Options mode, choose “Full Instruments”. Press B on Controller 2


For Panzer Dragoon II Zwei enthusiasts with a Pro Action Replay device, there’s an additional set of cheat codes to explore. These codes offer even greater benefits, such as endless energy, additional weapon shots, and other enhancements, giving players an extra edge in their gaming experience.


Pro Action Replay Codes


To utilize the Pro Action Replay codes effectively in Panzer Dragoon II Zwei, it’s essential to first enter the Master Code provided. This step is crucial as the Pro Action Replay Codes will not function without the activation of the Master Code.


Effect Code
Master Code F6000914 C305


F6000924 C305

100% Kills 160730EC 0064


160730EE 0064

Unlimited Energy 160730A8 008 + 160730A4 008
Unlimited Berserk Meter 160730AC 00B4
Auto-Berserk Recharge D60730AC 0000 + 160730AC 00B4
Always Have a 3-Way Shot 1607335C 0100
Always Have a 5-Way Shot 1607335C 0200
Always Have a Homing Shot 1607335C 0500
Always Have a Graviton Shot 1607335C 0600
Disable Boss Timer 1607E766 1194


160730EC 0064 + 160730EE 0064


In addition to cheat codes, Panzer Dragoon II Zwei offers several special features that can be unlocked directly in the game without the need for a cheat device. These unique features include the ability to fly on a winged Godzilla or use the original Dragon from the first Panzer Dragoon game. Explore these exciting options in the game for an enhanced experience.





Effect How to Unlock
Fly the Original Dragon from Panzer Dragoon Set the instruments to Full and take routes 2, 2, and 3
Fly the Final Dragon Take routes 2, 2, 3, and 1
Fly Godzilla Take routes 2, 2, 3, and 2
Open All of Pandora’s Box Either play the game for 30 hours or until 100% complete


Dragon Evolutions


Effect How to Unlock
Glideling Earn 2 Total Points
Windrider Earn 6 Total Points
Armonite Earn 13 Total Points
Skydart Earn 15 Total Points by the end of Episode 4
Brigadewing Do NOT evolve into Skydart.

Instead, reach the final mission with 18 Total Points

Blue Dragon Evolve into Skydart then earn 24 Total Points

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The Review

Panzer Dragoon II Zwei


  • Visuals: For its time, the game was praised for its impressive 3D graphics and atmospheric art design.
  • Gameplay: It features an engaging rail shooter experience with a smooth control scheme.
  • Storyline: Although minimal, it provides a compelling background narrative that adds depth to the gameplay.
  • Level Design: Each level introduces new enemies and challenges, keeping the gameplay fresh.
  • Replay Value: Different paths and a branching level system encourage multiple playthroughs.


  • Length: The game is relatively short, which might be disappointing for players looking for a longer experience.
  • Accessibility: It’s an older game, so it might not be readily accessible on current gaming platforms without a re-release or emulator.
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