Shindo Life Face ID List

Since the game’s 100th update, you may now modify the appearance of your face in Shindo Life on Roblox. Face ID codes are your best option if you’re looking for further personalization options in Shindo Life. The use of IDs from the Roblox database is necessary for this. If you’re not a techie, it could be difficult to figure this out. But don’t worry, we’ll lead you through the process of choosing a fantastic-looking new design for the face of your Shindo Life avatar.

Fortunately, Pro Game Guides has a comprehensive list of the most recent Face ID numbers you might need. In light of this, use these codes to unlock unique faces in Shindo Life and showcase your persona.

Shindo Life Face Id Codes List

The top faces we have located are as follows:

  • DS face (Kokushibo pack): 8604139992 > Link
  • Sharingan Broken Face: 1164078172 > Link
  • obito face: 5890113310 > Link
  • madara sharingan face: 2440933395 > Link
  • minato face: 1013375868 > Link
  • rock lee face: 2953907204 > Link
  • jiraya face: 417404361 > Link
  • sasuke ms face: 414933979 > Link
  • sasuke face: 1243769289 > Link
  • orochimaru right Eye: 2819587986 > Link
  • regular sharingan: 1131444614 > Link
  • sharingan Eyes itatchi mangekyo: 934345192 > Link
  • blue and white ms: 6022351891 > Link
  • hokage naruto face: 727692297 > Link
  • regular naruto face: 877365680 > Link

How to find more faces?

The steps to finding new faces are as follows:

  1. Enter “s” in the search bar on the roblox page by selecting Choose> Search “s” in Library.
  2. In the search field, type Shindo Life Faces or Shindo Life, choose “Decals” from the drop-down menu on the right, and then click “Search.”
  3. Try to order the over 100,000 faces by favorites or relevant categories since there are so many to pick from.
  4. Pick a face, access its page to download it, and check the url: The number following the library in the address, 12656209, is the if you want the freckled face.

How can you change your face?

Following these instructions will allow you to alter your faces, but bear in mind that you’ll need rell coins to complete the process.

  1. Start the game.
  2. Visit the character creation page. Screen
  3. In the Face section, click the “+” button (left menu)
  4. Fill in the right and left face id text boxes with the desired face ID.
  5. Yes, you must pay for each face with rell coins; but, if you run out of rell coins, check the codes.

Remember to visit our main article on Shindo Life Codes, where you will find all the necessary information to enjoy this great video game.



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