Shindo Life Jejunes Codes Private Servers

Since Shindo Life content is consistently popular, we’re bringing you yet another fantastic article about this really popular Roblox game. If you’ve already played the game, you’ll know what to anticipate, but if not, we highly recommend that you do. You’ll become addicted for life.

Jejune was added to the map this year, in 2022, and is a relatively new region. It is located north of the dunes and has a desert-like landscape as expected. In order to help you access the best freebies available, we’ve put together this Shindo Life Jejunes codes guide. There is also a challenging boss to fight in the region.

Shindo Life Jejune private server codes list

The following Private Server codes are exclusive to the game’s Jejunes region:

  • 9KAwrP
  • zOhdQ1
  • 5fpkrG
  • 1KMqaA
  • QZxpSM
  • EQUre8
  • mqZ9xc
  • 9MQvhp
  • tVaZf4
  • SINz08
  • eCiny-
  • a2xey-
  • BFF5gA
  • Dabbv-
  • XTYJ33
  • paAXz7
  • OLEkEs
  • ETxhG2
  • u3oQsA
  • WG3quT
  • _OBoQ6
  • 7tVPK6
  • k2BTeK
  • IS2x7a
  • thnm0f
  • 1joKy7
  • PT2adh
  • 7ZaUNN
  • vAcZbk
  • XgkK8C
  • hxSNoi
  • SbPpye
  • o92-oO
  • tysFhe

Spawn times

In the Jejune’s Area, you can farm these sub-abilities, ninja tools, and allies. Remember that spawn times are in EST and that everything will despawn 25 minutes after the spawn time (use Google to adjust to your time zone).

Combat Sub Abilities & Arts of Jejunes Spawn Times

  • Worm Spirit Awaken – Sub Ability
  • Toad Flame Spirit in front of the middle exit from the Jejunes Village, on top of a rock (Requires 25k RellCoin)
  • Apol Spirit – Sub Ability
  • Generation 1 Chu Tailed Spirit – Sub Ability

How to access the private Shindo Life Jejune servers?

  • Launch Shindo Life
  • Visit the Jejunes place
  • Obtain the player’s menu.
  • Choose “Travel” from the menu.
  • Select the private server menu item.
  • Specify any code from the preceding list.
  • Go there via teleporting.

Remember to visit our main article on Shindo Life Codes, where you will find all the necessary information to enjoy this great video game.

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