Shindo Life Pants Id Codes List

In Shindo Life, you can equip a variety of pants to further personalize your character. So these pants are the ideal approach to purchase them if you want to make your character stand out from the crowd. There are many clever individuals who have created many excellent designs, some of which are quite stunning. Therefore, we’re going to provide some of the top pants codes for Shindo Life today.

Best Pants Id Codes List

The best pants we could find are as follows:

  • Basic Konoha Shinobi Pants (Puch, Kunai) pants: 2384643438 > Link
  • Trap Life Jeans w/ Air Max Lava 1s pants: 2569087440 > Link
  • Rogue Lineage White Shinobi pants: 6070923600 > Link
  • Naruto Shindo pants: 6245087584 > Link
  • Shindo Academy Blue Flames pants: 6134574361 > Link
  • Pretty Life Amazing Friends Lovely Personality: 1160559512 > Link
  • Shindo Academy Obsidian pants: 6134582960 > Link
  • Shindo Life Shindo Pants: 6013607573 > Link
  • Life Guard Shorts pants: 7505361053 > Link
  • Rogue Lineage Shinobi pants: 5161705136 > Link
  • Adam Ainosuke Shindo SK8 The Infinity pants: 6462401517 > Link
  • Kirigakure (Hidden Mist Village Shinobi) pants: 4919622951 > Link
  • Shinobi Sensei pants: 4152379891 > Link

How can you get additional pants?

The steps to finding new pants are as follows:

  1. Go to the avatar store on the Roblox website (top menu)
  2. Pants or all clothing on the left menu
  3. You can sort results in Shindo Life by relevancy, favorites, or anything else you like.
  4. Select a pair of pants or an entire outfit and go to its page as though you were going to buy it, but don’t.
  5. Copy the URL’s number, for instance:, the id is 1160559512, just copy that.

Best way to change your pants

There aren’t many pairs of pants that stand alone; practically all of them go with an outfit. If you only want the pants, only paste your ID in the pants; if you want the entire ensemble, paste your ID in both the shirt and the pants.

The procedures for changing your pants are as follows, but bear in mind that you’ll need real coins to complete the task.

Remember to visit our main article on Shindo Life Codes, where you will find all the necessary information to enjoy this great video game.



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