Sonic.Exe FNF codes 

sonic.exe fnf codes

sonic.exe fnf codes

In the world of gaming, the fusion of beloved characters and iconic franchises often leads to extraordinary experiences. Among such unions, the collision of Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) and Sonic.Exe Mod has captured the attention of gamers worldwide. These two legendary titles bring a unique amalgamation of rhythm and horror, elevating the gaming experience to unprecedented heights. However, within this fusion lies a hidden treasure trove that can be unlocked with secret sound test codes, adding a new layer of excitement and discovery to the gameplay. Here we will delve into the thrilling realm of FNF vs. Sonic.exe Mod, uncovering the enigmatic sonic.exe FNF codes that lie beneath the surface.

What is FNF vs. Sonic.Exe Mod Encounter

Friday Night Funkin’ is a rhythm-based indie game that quickly rose to prominence, captivating players with its catchy tunes and engaging gameplay. Players take on the role of Boyfriend, aiming to impress his girlfriend by outperforming a series of opponents in epic rap battles. On the other hand, Sonic.Exe Mod is a sinister modification of the classic Sonic the Hedgehog game, instilling horror elements into the familiar platforming adventure. The collision of these two distinct worlds results in FNF vs. Sonic.Exe Mod. Here, the upbeat rhythm and horror blend, presenting players with a thrilling experience that few games can offer. The combination of beloved FNF characters and the eerie ambiance of Sonic.Exe creates an addictive and chilling gameplay fusion.

Unveiling the Sonic.exe FNF codes

Beneath the lively beats and unsettling atmosphere of FNF vs. Sonic.Exe Mod contains a series of hidden sound test codes, waiting to be discovered by avid players. Sound tests have been a long-standing tradition in gaming, allowing players to access a compilation of in-game sounds, music, and other audio content. Often, developers tuck away secret codes, unlocking additional sounds and giving players a chance to experience the game in a new light.

The same holds true for FNF vs. Sonic.Exe Mod, where players can access Sonic.exe FNF codes to reveal hidden gems. These codes open up a world of surprises, from unique character voice lines and Easter eggs to unreleased soundtracks and more. The thrill of stumbling upon these secrets adds a layer of excitement to the already captivating gameplay.

How to Download Friday Night Funkin Vs. Sonic Exe Mod?

  • Step 1: Visit the Gamebanana website ( using your preferred web browser.
  • Step 2: Look for the “Friday Night Funkin’: Vs. Sonic.exe Mod” on the Gamebanana website.
  • Step 3: Once you find the mod, click on the “Download” button to begin the download process.
  • Step 4: After the download is complete, you will receive a RAR file (e.g., “Friday_Night_Funkin_Vs_Sonic_Exe_Mod.rar”).
  • Step 5: To access the contents of the RAR file, you need to extract it. Right-click on the RAR file and choose “Extract Here” or “Extract to [Mod Name].”
  • Step 6: The extraction process will create a new folder containing the mod files.
  • Step 7: Open the newly created folder, and you should see a “Bin” folder inside.
  • Step 8: Go into the “Bin” folder to find the executable files of the mod.
  • Step 9: Among the files, you will find one named “Sonic.Exe”. This is the file that launches the Friday Night Funkin’ Vs. Sonic.exe mod.
  • Step 10: Double-click on the “Sonic.exe” file to launch the mod. The game will start, and you can now enjoy the FNF Vs. Sonic.exe Mod.

All Sonic.exe FNF Codes

To unveil the secret Sonic.exe FNF Codes, you must first achieve victory against Sonic in the initial song. Only upon accomplishing this feat will you gain access to the other mesmerizing songs concealed within the game.

Enter the codes mentioned below:

  • PCM NO. 01 DA NO. 13
  • PCM NO. 12 DA NO. 25
  • PCM NO. 07 DA NO. 07
  • PCM NO. 23 DA NO. 23
  • PCM NO. 12 DA NO. 34
  • PCM NO. 09 DA NO. 10
  • PCM NO. 06 DA NO. 06
  • PCM NO. 32 DA NO. 08
  • PCM NO. 03 DA NO. 01
  • PCM NO. 12 DA NO. 11
  • PCM NO. 41 DA NO. 01
  • PCM NO. 69 DA NO. 27
  • PCM NO. 06 DA NO. 09

Sonic.exe FNF codes 2.0

Here are all the secret codes for Sonic.exe FNF codes 2.0:

  • PCM NO. 7 DA NO. 7
  • PCM NO. 12 DA NO. 25
  • PCM NO. 66 DA NO. 6
  • PCM NO. 8 DA NO. 21
  • PCM NO. 31 DA NO. 13
  • PCM NO. 1 DA NO. 13
  • PCM NO. 23 DA NO. 23
  • PCM NO. 12 DA NO. 34
  • PCM NO. 9 DA NO. 10
  • PCM NO. 6 DA NO. 6
  • PCM NO. 32 DA NO. 8
  • PCM NO. 41 DA NO. 1

Community Collaboration and Discoveries

The gaming community’s passionate involvement has played a significant role in unveiling the secrets of Sonic.exe FNF codes. Online forums, social media groups, and fan websites have become hubs for players to share their findings, speculate on undiscovered principles, and collaborate on deciphering the mysteries hidden within the game. Through collective efforts, players have unravelled multiple sound test codes, providing insight into the game’s development, lore, and potential for future content. The camaraderie and excitement of community collaboration fuel the determination to unearth even more secrets within the game.


FNF vs. Sonic.Exe Mod brings together the best of both worlds, offering players a thrilling blend of rhythm and horror. The addition of Sonic.exe FNF codes takes the gaming experience to new heights, encouraging players to explore every nook and cranny of the game’s universe. By unlocking these enigmatic codes, players are rewarded with exclusive content, delightful surprises, and the chance to interact with the eerie Sonic.Exe himself. As the gaming community unites to uncover these secrets, FNF vs. Sonic.Exe Mod continues to be a testament to the everlasting allure of gaming and the joy of shared discoveries. 

So, don your headphones, prepare to tap to the beat, and venture forth into the captivating world of FNF vs. Sonic.Exe Mod, where secrets await those daring enough to seek them.

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