Item Asylum VIP Server Commands

item asylum vip server commands

item asylum vip server commands

JPX Studios’ item asylum is a randomizer fighting game with plenty of references. Moreover, it features a wide range of unique modified gear from numerous video games, TV programs, and other media. Roblox users are becoming increasingly devoted to Item Asylum, and for good reason. One of the reasons it’s so well-liked is the variety of ways there are to mercilessly murder your buddies. Melee ranged, and other weapons are the three different categories. 

So here in this article, we will discuss about the latest Item Asylum VIP Server Commands. Let’s get started.

Tactical Fighting Technique

In Item Asylum, a melee weapon is a tactical fighting strategy. When equipped, the player assumes a fighting stance with their arms extended in front of them. This stance replaces the walking animation and gives the impression that the character is sliding across the map. There are three distinct attacks in the tactical fighting method. Punches can be thrown by pressing the left mouse button repeatedly. A total of five punches are delivered, each dealing 4.5 damage and briefly slowing the target. If a player is struck by the final blow, they will ragdoll.

How do you emote items on Roblox’s item asylum?

Emotes are ancillary content that can only be purchased with points from the shop. Basically, they are used to keep the user entertained as they play. The player can utilize the currently available emote by typing “G” on their keyboard on a computer, pressing the right directional button on a controller or console, or just pressing the “Emote” button on a mobile device. Therefore, press it once more to turn off the emote.

VIP Server Commands

Simply copy the command code and enter it in the game to copy the command for Asylum Top on the Unturned servers. Then, by adding a steam ID or player name, as well as a dollar amount, you can further tailor the command.

  • /give 15011
  • 15011


Item asylum is all there is to it. Using the VIP server instructions, you can take advantage of a variety of in-game features. Moreover, we have provided you with the most recent active command update. Keep checking our website for the most recent VIP server commands. Finally, hope you have fun using item asylum and learn new gameplay techniques.

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