Stellaris Console Commands - Codes and Cheats

Stellaris Console Commands - Codes and Cheats


We know that exploring all the alternatives that video games offer us is one of the premises of many gamers. This is why on this occasion we bring you a Stellaris guide with all the codes that you can enter in the Command Console that it has for its fans.

Pay close attention to the following points and learn everything you need to know about Stellaris codes .

Stellaris Console Commands – How to Start the Command Console

To be able to unlock the command console and use all the Stellaris codes you want, you just have to follow some simple instructions.

All you have to do is press the key to the left of the number 1 on your keyboard , the one below the Esc button. It usually works for the “º”, so Surely you know what we are talking about.

If this does not work we recommend that you try the combination of Shift + 2, Shift + Alt + C or Alt + 2 + 1 . With these key combinations we are sure that you can open the Stellaris Command Console without problems.

Stellaris Command Console – Test Codes

  • 3D stats (Toggles) – 3dstats
  • Achievement status (print) – achievement_status
  • Ethic to a pop (add) – add_ethic_pop x y: Where x is the pop id and and the ethic key
  • Game in year 2400 -advanced_galaxy
  • Ai anomalies (Toggles) – ai_anomalies
  • Alien FX (Toggles) – alienfx
  • Ambient object (spawn) – ambient_object x: where x is the object type
  • Attack all fleets – attackallfleets
  • AI aggression to 10 – berserk_ai
  • Map Borders – borders
  • Casus Belli – casusbelli x y: where x is the casus belli key id and y the id of the target empire
  • Clear flag – clearflag x y z: where x is the type, x the flag and z the target id
  • Communications with an empire (Toggles) – communications x: where x is the target country id
  • Contact with all the empires (Toggles) – contact
  • Ship Damage – damage x: Where x is the amount of damage, but you have to select the ship first
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