Best Games Like Zoo Tycoon: 5 Games to Try in 2023

If you are a staunch lover of games like Zoo Tycoon, here we show you some titles that you can try to extend your fun and continue managing these virtual ecosystems.

Planet Zoo

It’s basically a management and simulation game in which you’ll have to create specific environments for animals. If you dream of having a large-scale zoo and seeing your animals live freely, here is your chance.

Jurassic World Evolution 2

In this case we will take management and simulation to another level. It is no longer about animals living in small wild areas, but about the most feared of the entire animal kingdom. Yes, the dinosaurs. It is in your hands that they live well and that they do not massacre people, do you dare?

Planet Coaster

Another simulation and management game that you must try. Unfortunately here we have already left the area of ​​​​animals, although we move on to something just as entertaining: amusement parks. If you liked the previous games, the building dynamics of this one should perfectly match your interests.


We continue in the area of ​​amusement parks (or theme parks, in this case). Something very similar to the previous game, although with some quite striking variations that you will be able to check as you play.


We finally left the parks and zoos to go to a city as such. The point of difference is that we return to the animal theme, since in this case you will have to create and manage your own city of beavers. Impressive.

We hope that this list has been to your liking. Find out more Games Like that you love!

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