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On March 31, 1998, the developer Blizzard, known for franchises like Diablo, launched Starcraft, an RTS that would revolutionize the market and become a phenomenon in countries like South Korea. In 2010 its sequel, Starcraft 2, was released, divided into three parts corresponding to each of the three playable races: Terrans, Zergs, Protoss.

The success was overwhelming, and even today it remains the preferred real-time strategy game for hundreds of thousands of players. The futuristic setting, the complex underlying story and the polish of its mechanics have made it an essential reference for RTS lovers.

For those who want to try other titles with a setting or a game system that reminds them of this digital jewel, we review five titles that will surely delight Starcraft fans.

What are the best games in the Starcraft line?

In light of the success of the Blizzard title, there are many games that followed in its wake, either in the playable or in its setting. From HD Gamers we have made an effort to offer you a selection of titles that can boast of being the best games like Starcraft. They are not all that are, but they are all that are.

  • Stellaris
  • Homeworld Remastered
  • Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion
  • Frostpunk
  • Gears Tactics

Why are the best games like Starcraft?

We have chosen those titles that, in our opinion, have best captured the spirit and the main characteristics that turned Starcraft and its sequel into a worldwide blockbuster, with millions of copies sold. 

Whether you’re a mouse-wielding wizard capable of strategizing with hundreds of clicks per minute, or you’d rather get carried away with a well-crafted sci-fi story, you’ll find something for you in this selection. 



Stellaris is a huge, galactic strategy game. Depending on how you structure your plan and manage your resources, thousands of worlds will be created. You will have to prove yourself as a capable general, but also go on exploration or embark on diplomatic missions that can prevent a war with entire galaxies. It is a  highly rated game on Steam.

Homeworld Remastered

Description :

Relic teamed up with Gearbox to offer a vast and complex RTS. Homeworld Remastered exudes sci-fi everywhere: three-dimensional circulation in battles, hyperspace jumps and an extraordinary sense of epicness are the key points of this remastered with frenetic multiplayer mode. And if by any chance you get tired, there are endless mods available.

Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion


Without leaving space we come to this Rebellion, a title that marks the fall of an empire. A myriad of variables to take into account, a well-structured menu of options and many battles are its hallmarks. Share with Starcraft the war between three factions: TEC, Advent and Vasari. 



11 Bit Studios sacudió al panorama internacional con el sangriento This War of Mine, pero con su siguiente título conseguirían todo un RTS superventas. Ambientado en una realidad alternativa, Frostpunk nos presenta un invierno nuclear donde el único objetivo es la supervivencia. Construir una ciudad capaz de autogestionarse nunca había sido tan frustrante… ni tan divertido.

Gears Tactics


Gears Tactics impresiona por su espectacular apartado visual, pero no es un juego que se conforme con epatar. Nos encontramos con un XCOM ‘hipervitaminado’ que plantea una curva de dificultad solo apta para los más expertos en la estrategia por turnos. A cambio, disfrutaremos con una historia que recoge lo mejor de Gears of War y una narrativa sorprendente.

Final thoughts about games like Starcraft

We know that the most fanatical of Starcraft do not allow imitations, that is why we have proposed a list of games that, although with many points in common with the Blizzard classic, offer game mechanics or a setting that is a bit distant from this  giant among the strategy games

From HD Gamers we present this list of the best games like Starcraft from humility, with respect for a community of followers who have made this title one of the foundation stones of the current eSports phenomenon. Open your mind, choose one of the suggested titles and leave your prejudices behind to enjoy any of these proposals.




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