Banished Commands – Complete Guide

Have we ever thought how hard was life in the middle ages? After all, in hard games we always see amazing stories with knights and dragons. But with the help of some cheats like the Banished commands, maybe, just maybe, the adventures we live could be a little more real.

On the other hand, if we focus on Baniched as a game in itself, we can get an idea a little closer to that life. Only then would we realize how easy it is to live in this century.

What are the Banished commands?

But let’s put aside the philosophical debates or whatever you want to tell them, let’s do our thing. Throughout gamer history we have come across a huge variety of shortcuts and tricks.

All with the sole purpose of making our lives much easier, also cheating but we will leave the moral debate for another time. In this sense, you may be asking yourself that question with which we started this section.

So, to answer what the Banished commands are, we can say that they are a series of tricks or codes that will give our game the key to the door to a unique world of possibilities.

Sounds fantastic! We want to know what they are! I already hear the mob and I see on the horizon the torches and pitchforks of my gamer brothers who threaten the integrity of my village if I don’t confess what are the Banished commands.


Banished commands: The most important thing to know

Fortunately, I did not get to see any dragon or other beast of enormous and terrifying size. I feel a little relieved and so I will reveal the secret to you.

The truth about the Banished Commandos is that, like every great treasure in fictional history like the Holy Grail or the Ark of the Covenant, Whose existence is still in doubt, something similar happens with these tricks.

However, unlike those great relics that we have discussed, the Banished commands if it is proven that they do not exist. It’s really a shame although, seeing the glass half full, we can beat the game with our skills as a tyrant. So we just have to go out and build the greatest empire the world has ever known.

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