Ai Shoujo Cards Gallery Download and Install Guide

You will enjoy a carefree life in abundance on a beautiful uninhabited island when playing AI Shoujo, a simulation crafting and survival game. However, this is not a solo journey of philosophical reflection! With this gorgeous bunch of realistic AI ladies, your days and nights will be full of delight.​ 

Perhaps you are wondering where to find the gallery of cards of this group of AI ladies and how to download and install them. Let’s take a look at this.

Gallery of AI Shoujo Cards

There are tons of plenty of cards available for installation and use. We recommend you visit the following two sites:

The Most Comprehensive Gallery:

To access the gallery, copy and paste AI Shoujo into the search bar. You will find more than 20,000 cards organized into different categories once you click “search” again. Alternatively, if you know what you’re looking for, use the search box once more to locate the card.

You might also like to visit:

Using the search bar, type AI Shoujo and press enter to access the gallery. Choose Album from the menu. As soon as you click on Album, you’ll find tons of cards sorted into different categories. Alternatively, use the search box again to find the card you’re looking for if you know what you’re looking for.

There are also cards on other websites and YouTube, but the collections won’t be as extensive as our recommended sites. For additional cards, you can also use the Honey Select 2 cards in Ai shoujo; modify your search.

How to Download and Install AI Shoujo Cards

You can download and install AI Shoujo cards like you would in any other Illusion game. Take a look at how to download and install the cards.

How to Download Cards

You can download the card (image file) or the card of your choice by clicking right > Save image as > Save.

How to Install the Cards

Copy and paste the images (cards) in the UserData > Chara > Male or Female folder.

Ensure you check the description for additional criteria if you can’t use a card. Sometimes you’ll need plugin mods, but you’ll have to download and install the card most of the time.

Video Guide for AI Shoujo Cards

It’s unlikely you’ll need anything extra, but if you’re having trouble, this video tutorial can help. Youtuber TheMark shows viewers how to download and install cards in under two minutes.

Thanks for reading this post that hopefully helped you find the AI Shoujo Cards gallery and the easy way to download and install them.



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