Anime Story Trello Link, Discord Invite & FAQ

If you’re a fan of anime and you’re looking for a convenient way to keep track of your favorite shows, connect with fellow fans, and get answers to your burning questions, then you’re in luck. Anime Story, a popular online community for anime enthusiasts, offers a comprehensive Trello link, a Discord invite, and some FAQs that can enhance your anime-watching experience. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what Anime Story has to offer and how you can make the most of its features.

What is an anime story?

Anime Story is a vibrant online community dedicated to all things anime. With a thriving community of avid anime fans, Anime Story offers a platform for fans to connect, share, and discuss their favorite anime shows, characters, and storylines. Whether you’re a seasoned anime watcher or just starting out, Anime Story provides a welcoming space for fans to come together and indulge in their shared passion for Japanese animation.

Trello Link

One of the key features of Anime Story is its Trello link, which serves as a powerful tool for keeping track of your anime-watching progress. Trello is a popular project management and productivity tool that can be adapted to suit a variety of purposes, including tracking anime shows. Anime Story’s Trello board is meticulously organized, with lists dedicated to ongoing shows, completed shows, and even a backlog of shows you plan to watch in the future. This is the Trello Link to the anime story: 

Using this Trello link provided by Anime Story, you can easily create your own account, access the Trello board, and start customizing it to suit your preferences. You can mark off episodes as you watch them, and move cards to different lists as you progress through a show. You can add your own comments and notes to keep track of your thoughts and impressions. 

Discord Invite

Another exciting feature of Anime Story is its active Discord community, which provides a space for anime fans to connect, chat, and share their thoughts on their favorite shows. Discord is a popular platform for online communities, offering a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to join discussions, share memes, and connect with like-minded individuals. Anime Story’s Discord server is a lively hub of activity, with dedicated channels for different anime shows, general discussions, and even a marketplace for buying and selling anime-related items. You can use this link to join the official Anime Story community Discord server.

Anime Story offers a vast and immersive gaming experience for anime fans, and understanding key aspects such as rarities, powerful armor/drops, rebirthing, gems, and abilities can greatly enhance your gameplay. Don’t hesitate to explore the Trello link, join the Discord community, and refer to the FAQ for valuable information and insights on this exciting anime-themed game. Get ready to embark on an epic adventure and become a formidable anime warrior in Anime Story.


What are the rarities in the game?

Anime Story has four rarity levels for items: common, uncommon, rare, and legendary. Common items are the most common and have basic abilities, while legendary items are the rarest and most powerful, with unique abilities and bonuses.

How can I obtain powerful armor/drops?

There are several ways to obtain powerful armor and drops in Anime Story. You can defeat powerful enemies in dungeons or boss battles, participate in events and quests, complete achievements, or trade with other players. Exploring different areas, leveling up your character, and participating in special events can increase your chances of obtaining powerful armor and drops.

What will rebirthing give/how do I rebirth?

Rebirthing is a feature in Anime Story that allows you to start a new game cycle while retaining some of your progress. When you rebirth, you restart the game from the beginning, but with increased bonuses, such as higher starting stats, additional abilities, or new unlockable features. Rebirthing can be done after reaching a certain level or completing specific requirements, and it can give you a significant advantage in subsequent playthroughs.

How do I obtain gems?

Gems are a valuable in-game currency in Anime Story that can be used to purchase premium items, enhance your gear, or unlock special features. You can obtain gems by completing quests, achieving milestones, participating in events, or purchasing them with real money through the in-game store. Gems are also occasionally given as rewards for logging in daily or as special bonuses for loyal players.

How to obtain abilities?

Abilities in anime stories are special powers or skills that enhance your character’s combat abilities. You can obtain abilities by leveling up your character, defeating powerful enemies, completing quests or achievements, or finding special items that grant abilities. Some abilities may also be obtained through rebirthing or by participating in events and special promotions. Abilities play a crucial role in battles and can greatly impact your character’s performance in the game.

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