Critical Legends Chest Locations [Updated With Complete Guide]

A Roblox RPG game with plenty of exploration and adventure is called Critical Legends. Explore large territories with a variety of biomes to find the monsters and treasures you may fight and gather. By taking on various enemies and bosses, using magic weapons, and ingesting potions and fruits, you can raise your power.

There are numerous undiscovered boxes buried throughout the globe, each containing a specific item that can grant you special skills and increase your speed and power. Here are the locations of each chest because navigating the huge, open map can be challenging.

What are the Roblox Critical Legends Chest Locations?

Critical Legends on Roblox has a big terrain with a ton of lootable boxes. The fact that some chests are locked until you reach a certain level is another thing you’ll notice. Additionally, be careful to properly explore each location as there are typically three to five chests to find! Don’t forget that finding rare and expensive stuff in the chests is more likely the higher your level. Therefore, go out and start robbing!


Near Spawn at the bottom of the stairs is a chest of goods marked with a pickaxe.

Legit Shop is located to your left of Beta Factory. Check out the roof access hatch on the roof of that building.

Punch the Left side, up at the beginning. This is located near Spawn.

Metal Plate: Hide behind the apple tree to the Spawn’s left to access the shack’s roof.

Beta Ticket: Verify the Real Store Inside.

Theodore Wood

Under the apple tree on your left, in the Thyrus Wood, is a chest called “Icy Shield.”

Campfire Wood: By the campfire, just south of the woods.

Hunting Dagger: Look at the entrance to Thyrus Wood.

Scroll of Venom: Located south of the store close to the Arsenal.

First Field

Sharpener Rock: Enter the first cave by turning right after ascending the stairs.

Boots for Traveling — F

Discover this one near Cave 1.

Rage Scroll: In the initial region, look for this chest close to the apple tree.

Burning Leaf: Head to Cave 1’s very end. Enter the hell-facing purple gateway. Take the first left when you enter. Then get the chest near the rocks in the lava on your right after crossing the bridge.

Field of Flowers

Honeycomb: Located in the enchanting Flower Fields.

The southern wall of the Flower Fields is where you’ll find this one, just a short distance from The Queen Bee.

Sun Fragment: This is on the black platform in front of the Flower Fields.

Near the Flower Fields, on the northern wall, is a Honeyshield.

That is everything there is to know about the locations of every chest in Roblox Critical Legends. Moreover, within the Roblox universe, Critical Legends delivers a compelling open-world experience, the opportunity to choose a class, level up their character and explore the enormous environment around them.

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